Twitter acquires Stories Template Maker Chroma Labs

<pre><pre>Twitter acquires Stories Template Maker Chroma Labs

Is “Twitter Stories “on the way? Or do we only get tools to send prettier tweets? Now Twitter has the talent for both of them since it just acquired Chroma Labs. Chroma Labs' Chroma Stories app, co-founded by Instagram Boomerang's inventor, John Barnett, lets you fill out stylish layout templates and frames for posting collages and more in Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and more.

Instead of keeping Chroma Stories close, Twitter will be columns The Chroma Labs team works on their product, design and development teams. The Chroma Stories iPhone app will not shutdown, but will not receive any further updates and will only work until some changes have been made to iOS.

“When we founded Chroma Labs in 2018, we wanted to build a company that stimulates creativity and helps people tell their visual stories. Last year we gave developers and businesses around the world the ability to create millions of stories with the Chroma Stories app, ”the Chroma Labs team writes on its website. "We are proud of this work and look forward to continuing our mission on a larger scale – with one of the most important services in the world."

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Chroma Labs was founded in late 2018 and had a starting round in early 2019. Sweet Capital, Index Ventures and Combine VC were among the investors. Barnett's co-founders include CTO Alex Li, technical director of Facebook photos and Instagram stories; and Joshua Harris was product design manager for the augmented reality filters of Oculus Rift and Facebook.

With Chroma Stories, you can choose between retro filters, frames with holiday motifs and smart collage templates, so that your store looks special among the millions that are published every day. Sensor Tower estimates that Chroma Stories has had 37,000 downloads so far. This lukewarm reception despite the quality of the app could explain why the team is joining Twitter.

By tracking down some of the brightest visual storytelling talent, Twitter could add some spice to its text-driven app. It is one of the few social apps without a stories product and the creative tools are quite limited. Better ways to take photos in tweets could make Twitter more beautiful and less tiring. That could make it more appealing to teenagers and help increase the number of users who are now lagging behind Snapchat.

Twitter has become the global public record for words. Chroma Labs' talent could also make it a real-time gallery for art and design.

[Update 3:05pm Pacific: Twitter confirms that this is a full acquisition of the Chroma Labs company, not just an acquisition as we originally printed.]