Twitter reacts to Balenciaga’s bizarre fake news broadcast

Twitter reacts to Balenciaga’s bizarre fake news broadcast

Breaking news: the news of Balenciaga, transmission-inspired campaign spills satirical stories about society.

The video that pushed the limits went viral after its release on Tuesday. Complete with an ominous and chilling soundtrack (courtesy of the noise musician Wolf Eye), the dystopian news segment of the luxury fashion brand features digitally manipulated models dressed as anchors with prosthetically pronounced cheekbones.

Dressed with their feet on Balenciaga's head, the presenters present fictional headlines such as "No more bottlenecks!" "The planets realign" and "Pedestrians are back" with expressions without emotions. His expressionless eyes and wordless scripts reveal a sense of numbness towards global media in a world saturated with news.

In addition to an invented political campaign that apparently results in "record participation driven by young people," the segment reveals bytes of fake news that slide from right to left at the bottom of the screen: "In space, humans don't they can cry "; "Some cats are allergic to humans." "The sunglasses were designed to hide expressions."

When the live streaming loop appeared on Twitter, the rest of the brand's tweets mysteriously disappeared, as did the false steps of real-life politicians before any campaign begins.

The video, directed by Will Benedict, is accompanied by mock-up of political posters, taken by Laurence Chaperon, which show models that look meaningless slogans such as "Love is for everyone" and "The power of dreams."

In fact, when you enter the brand website, we recommend that you click on one of these posters and explore the futuristic Summer 2020 collection. Enter your signature square blazers and corporate round neck dresses, Balenciaga is selling a newsroom visitor badge keychain Y set of earrings for $ 475 and $ 625, respectively.

The Balenciaga broadcast reminds of its politically loaded spring / summer 2020 show in an EU conference room, where the models wore cheek-shaped cheekbones, the guests were hit with an uncomfortably cold air and intense industrial music throughout moment.

Similar to the reactions of the catwalk last season, people on Twitter are confused, worried and a little scared about the campaign.

“Woooow so crazy so weird. Whoooooaaaa that random and fun. It prepares me to spend $ 3,000 on an outfit " one person wrote.

"This will give me nightmares" another intervened.

"What the f – – k" questioned another.

"I want to think that the models were thought to be beings with AI instead of humans, which brings the news that [concerns] human beings to make it even more scary. [Then] I could call it futuristic. . . I didn't check the clothes, I got carried away by the spiral of changing music " someone speculated.