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Types of china automatic screw feeders available in the market today

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Types of china automatic screw feeders available in the market today

Types of china automatic screw feeders available in the market today

An automatic screwdriver system replaces the human hands to handle the entire picking, placing, and tightening of screws using an automatic mechanism. Usually, this applies mainly to the automatic assembly like car components, batteries and circuit boards, printers, mobile phones, lanterns and lamps, motors, display screens, and computers. 

The automatic screw feeding machines can be divided into full automatic screw feeders and handheld automatic feeders. 

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Handheld feeders

In the manual world, screw feeding involves a human holding a screw in one hand and then using a pneumatic or electric locking device in the other. With the automatic screw feeder, one hand is freed, one only needs a hand to raise the screwdriver and then aim it to the area where a screw is needed. The automatic screw feeder then automatically does the transfer. This is a process that can be repeated over and over again as long as there are screws within the auto screw feeding system. 

After a screw is locked securely, the screwdriver can be aimed at the next hole for further screwing. Handheld automatic screw feeders can transfer screws and lock them without any letup. Using these machines means that no screws are fetched by hand. The screws are locked at high speed, which ends up improving efficiency to a great extent. It also saves on labor costs. 

Once a screw has been locked, the assembly automation screw feeder then sends another screw towards the nozzle automatically, this means the time taken to fetch the screws, aim them to the holes, and aim with a screwdriver is significantly reduced. Once the machine has been directed and aimed at the hole, all is required is a slight process, and the screw will be locked. 

Most of the handheld automatic screw tightening machines are portable and light. This reduces fatigue and, in turn, boosts productivity. 

These machines can be operated singularly, or they can be configured to serve as assembly lines. The machines can be used for automatic assembly, especially within the electronics industry. This includes the assembly of communication equipment, toys, plastics, keyboards, hard drives, and mobile phones.


Fully automatic feeders

With the fully automatic feed screwdriver system, there are more functions compared to the handheld counterparts. These machines usually have an assembly line or a robotic arm. They also come with automatic control and a workbench. Unattended surveillance can be implemented to save costs and improve assembly and efficiency. 

Fully automatic screw feeder systems can be divided into multi-axis fully automatic screw feeders and fully automatic screw feeders. 

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The three coordinate feeders normally have different strokes of the Z-axis and Y-axis. The Z-axis number is usually made in accordance with the kind of demands that the clients have. Feeding can be divided into pneumatic and suction feeding. The choice usually depends on the kind of specifications that the production line requires. 

The three-coordinate screw feeder requires special machines too. The feeding methods are suction, pneumatic feeding, and manual feeding. The choice between the methods is dependent on the specifications of the screws. 

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