Tyson Foods is taking steps to ensure the safety of team members



OBION COUNTY, TN – Because the U.S. government views Tyson Foods as a critical company during the novel corona virus pandemic, Tyson has taken additional steps to ensure the security of its team members.

In a letter, Keith Riley, Obys County Complex Manager at Tyson, lists the current measures Tyson is taking to protect team members who continue to produce food for families in the United States.

Riley says that given the evolving situation, practices may change.

Tyson does the following:

  • Relaxed attendance policy to reinforce the importance of staying at home during the illness and meeting the needs of childcare.
  • Restricted visitor access to the facility
  • Implemented the use of non-contact infrared thermometers to check the temperature of each team member before entering the facility. If the team member has a fever, they may not enter the facility.
  • Protective facewear must be worn in every Tyson facility. According to Riley, the facility is also working to continuously protect the production of production workers.
  • Implementation of social distancing measures by installing partition walls, barriers in the break rooms and outdoor tents for additional space during breaks.
  • Increased deep cleaning and disinfection, especially in break rooms for employees, changing rooms and other areas with high traffic. Riley says there are team members who are committed to constantly wiping and refurbishing public areas. This additional cleaning sometimes involves stopping a production day.
  • Educate team members about the seriousness of COVID-19, provide helpful tips, and avoid exposure when leaving the facility.

In addition, Tyson says it will pay around $ 60 million in reward awards to 116,000 frontline workers and Tyson truckers in the United States who worked during the pandemic.

Tyson says although the company has compulsory health insurance, the company has waived five consecutive days of short-term disability benefits to allow workers to be paid while suffering from flu or COVID-19.

The company says it has also waived the co-payment, co-insurance and deductible for doctor visits for COVID-19 tests, eliminated pre-approval or pre-authorization steps, waived co-payments for telemedicine use, and relaxed the refill limits for 30-day prescriptions Maintenance medication.