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The latest email marketing tutorial: This will really help you get your bearings in the right direction when it comes to email marketing, and the rest of the series will be a great addition to my free email marketing course to which you can access below.

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It is believed that Email Marketing is dead … This is far from the truth! Email Marketing remains one of the main marketing strategies used to generate BILLIONS of dollars only in the United States market every year.

The problem is that you really need to understand how to maintain your lists, create your content and optimize content to boost open rates, which leads to participation and, ultimately, sales.

In this latest email marketing tutorial, I will discuss two of the main reasons why you should use email marketing strategies, as well as start immersing yourself in some important tips to help you succeed with your marketing campaigns by email.

Most people think that the best email marketing strategy is to send beautiful and graphic emails that sell their products beautifully.

Although this may work for brands such as Nike, Gucci, Apple, etc., as a marketer, you want to tell stories.

Storytelling in emails will be one of the main keys to keep opening rates high and boost the participation of interested subscribers.

Everyone loves a good story and stories are sold, so why not use them?

When it comes to the best training in email marketing, if you are taught to sell higher by giving valuable content and stories, you should reevaluate where you are learning email marketing …

The problem with the constant sale of their emails is that people will burn in "advertising emails" very quickly, and their opening rates will fall within a few days of using an email automation sequence or even just their emails. Standard transmission

Above all, you want to be entertaining and educational.

Never use email marketing to send spam or a lot of promotional products. You want to have courage to offer. One of the best email marketing tips I can give you is to add value to your reader in each email.

As for email marketing strategies for 2019 and 2020, you'll want to focus on providing value for at least 2 or 3 emails before requesting a sale, and when requesting a sale, try to keep it in a story and then show them the product That solved one of YOUR problems.

People relate to problems, solutions and stories so well that they can actually be more interested, inspired and grateful for their email. Is that what you want. People do not unsubscribe because you do nothing but promote products.

Just be sure to watch this full video to learn how to start learning from my new Ultimate Email Marketing tutorial and training series that starts here with this one!

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