Underdog sumo wrestler Tokushoryu bursts into tears after winning the championship

<pre><pre>Underdog sumo wrestler Tokushoryu bursts into tears after winning the championship

Big boys cry.

A sumo wrestler was in tears in the ring after overcoming the incredible chances of winning New Year Grand Sumo, the first major tournament of the year.

Tokushoryu was virtually unknown when he defeated a number of adorned opponents during a 15-day tournament in Tokyo, Japan that ended on Sunday. The 33-year-old outsider was celebrated as the winner after 14 wins and only one loss.

"I might have cried too much, but at that moment I felt relieved of all the pressure," Kyodo News said in an interview after the game.

In his last fight, Tokushoryu got the ozeki champion Takakeisho out of the ring. Knowing that he had defeated his superior, he burst into tears at the Ryogoku Kokugikan stadium in front of the fans.

"Deep down, I feel like," Is it okay for me to win the championship? "I was the lowest ranked fighter, so I had nothing to fear. I just had to give everything I had," he said.

According to NHK News, it was a night of the first for Tokushoryu, who is now the first from Nara in western Japan, to have won this title in almost a century. He had previously competed in 13 tournaments in the second division of the sport and is the first in almost 20 years to climb from 17th place to the top. He said he almost "lost my appetite for victory" before deciding to conquer his previous failures.

"I learned that I should never stop and continue to improve," he said.

For the first time in his career, the wrestler also took home two post-game awards, the Outstanding Achievement Award and the Fighting Spirit Award.

The 1000-year-old sport is known for its stoicity, but Tokushoryu did not hold back.

"What did I do?" He said. "It feels like a dream. I don't feel like me. I feel like I'm walking on clouds. "