UnitedHealth's Pfizer share improves 150 points

<pre><pre>Boeing, Travelers' losses have contributed to Dow's 75-point decline

Shares in UnitedHealth and Pfizer recorded positive momentum on Wednesday morning, dropping the Dow Jones Industrial Average into positive territory. The Dow

DJIA, + 0.58%

trades at 153 points or 0.5% more than UnitedHealth shares

UNH, + 2.50%

and Pfizer

PFE, + 1.59%

contribute to the intraday rally of the blue chip display. UnitedHealth shares rose $ 5.08 or 1.7%, while Pfizer shares rose $ 0.63 or 1.6%, an increase of around 39 points for the Dow. Merck also made a significant contribution to the profit

MRK, + 1.50%.


IBM, + 1.39%.

and McDonald’s

MCD, + 1.17%,

A $ 1 move in one of the 30 components of the benchmark leads to a swing of 6.78 points.

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