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The fact is: banana bread is the ultimate baked goods. With an easy-to-prepare (and even memorize) recipe, it’s difficult to screw up and serve as a simple breakfast or afternoon snack, or disguise yourself as a striking brunch plate or decadent dessert. It is portable, giftable and yearning. The basic ingredients are available on a regular basis, and it’s the most transformative baking experience, since the ugliest, overripe fruits are actually needed to get a sweet, delicious result. What other baked goods has humility, truthfulness, the ability of the very fairy godmother to take what has almost been thrown away and make it again? You think apple pie dances best with the bruised fruit? No chance.

Banana bread belongs to a category of pastry known as snap bread, more of a cake or muffin than bread, since yeast plays no part in the structure and the rise instead takes place simply by adding baking soda and / or baking soda to the dough . Bread without waiting for the yeast to do its business, hence quick bread.

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Perhaps you are already enthusiastic about the lightness and simplicity of the banana bread. Maybe your banana bread game is strong, but needs some excitement. In any case, I make one last remark about perfection, which is a banana bread confection: it goes well with all sorts of things. How many of them do you already have in your pantry or fridge that you can try in your next bread?


Nuts and bananas are about as natural as they come; just ask Elvis. Pecans bring out a hint of sweetness and Mediterranean flair. Almonds achieve this intoxicating marzipan aroma. Try grinding the hazelnuts into the flour for a rich, pleasantly bitter note, but it’s also great to chop and mix. However, walnuts are a particularly classic combination. Get the banana bread with walnut recipe.

sour cream



Banana bread is one of those forgiving recipes in which the naturally built-in moisture easily allows the fat content to be varied without affecting the integrity of the texture. Sour cream or thick Greek yogurt gives the equation both a desirable tartness and a decadence that pushes the bread into the cake area. Get Chowhound Sour Cream Banana Bread Recipe.

peanut butter



Peanut butter and other nut butter (or even seed butter) do both the flavor element of adding nuts to the batter and the extra fat for density and texture. Here, crispy peanut butter maintains the occasional bite of chopped nuts without work, and we love the addition of honey as a complementary sweet taste. Get Chowhound Peanut Butter Honey Banana Bread Recipe.


No, not potato chips, although I think you could make the argument. (Okay, here’s one.) But all kinds of sweet back chips improve the potential dessert aspect of banana bread, from main chocolate chips to white chocolate chips to my personal favorite, the Butterscotch banana bread recipe.

Dried fruit

In the lower regions of our cupboards, we all have a half-used pack of dried fruit. Fortunately, due to their very well preserved nature, they can survive the wait. The next time you’re ripe with overripe bananas, you can throw in raisins, dried cranberries, apricots and figs. whatever you have. This wonderful healthy banana bread with dates and walnuts recipe with dates adds even more moisture and natural sweetness.

Maple syrup

Adding maple syrup to the dough is an indication of the ornate brunch potential of banana bread without going all the way there. The addition of maple extract is a nice touch to really convey the point. Get the maple-walnut-banana bread recipe.

Chocolate spread



You know the one I’m talking about: the only one, Nutella. If you ever felt like spreading it on a banana or a slice of banana bread, you will understand the obvious attraction of swirling it into the mix from the start. Pre-frying on ripe bananas gives the taste additional depth. Get Chowhound’s Toasted Banana Nutella Bread Recipe.


The irony of baking with coffee is that the richest coffee taste is often best achieved with instant espresso flour. So if you’ve ever tried to make something with mocha flavor, from mousse to biscuits, you’re likely to have something on hand and definitely won’t use it if you’re doing it for morning joe. Enter banana bread, the ultimate deposit for the kitchen island with unsuitable ingredients. Get the recipe for espresso banana bread.


Whether you’re making the caramel yourself or relying on something from a glass, this is another application where banana bread demonstrates its natural dessert ability. This caramel macchiato banana bread recipe also receives additional recognition for the infusion of salted caramel into the bread itself plus a brown icing over it.

Fresh fruits

As we immerse ourselves in the plethora of spring and summer products, berries are returning to our lives, and each of them is warmly invited to hang out with banana bread. Take this recipe for strawberry banana bread and combine it with a recipe with yogurt. You basically have a smoothie that you can chew.


While coconut can technically Qualify under the Dried Fruits heading above, it adds such a unique and specific taste and texture that it deserves its own category, and would you take a look at these beautiful roasted flakes? Get the recipe for coconut banana bread.

Trail mix

In summary, banana bread can hold almost anything and – if you really want something special – can even hold everything at once, like in this recipe for banana bread.