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Uses of an Automatic Screw Feeder Machine And Automatic Feed Screwdriver System

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Uses of an Automatic Screw Feeder Machine And Automatic Feed Screwdriver System

Uses of an Automatic Screw Feeder Machine And Automatic Feed Screwdriver System

The technological advancements in almost every area of life have made our day-to-day tasks much easier not only on individual levels but also in industrial aspects. An example of these advancements is the automatic screw feeder machine. A screw feeder is a machine that locks screws automatically using an automatic mechanism to undergo the taking, placing, and tightening of screws. There are plenty of automatic screw machine manufacturers that supply the machine on different e-commerce platforms. 

Automatic screw feeder machines are very useful devices that replace human labor with automatic mechanisms. These are important tools for any process that involves large numbers of screws. Here are some of the salient uses of an automatic screw feeder machine

• Increase efficiency

• Save time

• Increase repeatability

• Increase plant’s capacity

An automatic screw feeder machine can be of two types. It can be a handheld automatic screw feeder machine or a fully automatic feeding machine.

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Uses of Handheld Automatic Feeder Machine

The handheld automatic screw feeder machines are small and handy. Thus, they are easy to use in the assembly line of small household appliances and electronic products. Handheld automatic screw system is mostly used for;

• Electronic

• Plastic

• Toys

• Electrical equipment

• Communication equipment of automated assembly lines, for instance, mobile phones, hard disks, keyboards, computers, etc.

Uses of Fully Automatic Screw Feeder

A fully automated screw driving system manufacturer is installed in plants where continuous work is required. It is a brushless electric screwdriver on a robotic arm to complete unmanned monitoring and assembly automation screw feeders operations. By applying a fully automatic screw feeder machine, plants can increase their efficiency by increasing work capacity and decreasing the cost of operations by decreasing manpower.

Advantages of Automatic Screw Machine

Automatic Screw Feeder Machines are one of the most beneficial pieces of equipment employed in the assembly line of manufacturing systems. In an assembly line that needs a prompt delivery of screws in less time and large quantities repeatedly, an automatic screw feeder machine will prove to be the most advantageous addition. Let’s talk about the practical benefits of an automatic screw feeder machine;


The operations are quite simple and quick as well. It can be operated by a single person who can overlook the performance of the machine. This reduces the cost of hiring manpower to take care of different tasks. It will be a one-time investment for the manufacturer, and the machine will quickly cover the cost of its purchase and start giving returns.


Among the vast commendable qualities of automatic screwdriver system manufacturer, the following stand out the most;

• Multiple features like short supply detection, thread slipping detection, and other warning functions are included. There is also an in-built function to judge the status and quality of the lock screw.

• The machine precisely guides the screws and arrange, feeds, and locks them.

• To ensure the customer product's quality, the torque control is kept very accurate to make sure everything is installed properly.

• The screws will be safe from contamination and rust from hand stains. The automatic screw feeding system eliminates the need for screw picking and moving actions by human labor.

• Automatic screw feeder machines are capable of working with multiple screw types.


All you need to do is press the lever to start the screwdriver to complete the screw fastening automatically. No more long hours of processing with these machines as they operate very efficiently at 20-30 screws per minute. The automatic feeding actions save from the hassle of picking the screws and moving them.

Various models

The manufacturer can choose models according to products and needs. Furthermore, the automatic screw feeder machines can also be customized to fulfill the needs of the production line.


It saves the labor from undergoing manual picking and placing of screws as it can get very hectic. Although it can be upsetting for the employees who lose their jobs, it is very beneficial on the manufacturers' end.

Great Returns

The installation cost is covered by the amount of time saved, and the capacity increased after the installation of the automatic screw feeder machine. The overhead cost of hiring manpower is decreased.

Which industries benefit the most from installing an automatic screw machine?

Agreeably, installing an automatic screw feeder machine provides advantages to almost every industry, but the ones that benefit the most are the following three;

• Medical Device Industries

Medical Device makers strive to be fast and require equipment that is more energy and cost-efficient. Medical appliances are complicated, and a large number of screws are required while assembling them. If they were dependent on manual labor, the work would take a dreadful amount of time. Hence, installing an automatic screw feeder machine saves time as they are capable of delivering screws rapidly.  

• The Aerospace Industries

When it comes to assembling aerospace components, the parts need to be joined tightly by the proper screw. The automatic screw feeder machine is useful in this process.

• Electronics Industries

Almost every electronic appliance requires screws to be assembled. Installation of an automatic screw feeder machine allows the manufacturer to assemble the electronic products on time. This way, the investment made in the machine's installation will be back in no time as the production capacity and efficiency will increase.

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An automatic screw feeder machine manufacturer consists of a robotic arm that takes the screw provided by the screw dispenser and then turns and fastens it. These automatic screw feeder machines are very simple to use, and all you have to do is press on the lever to start the process. They improve productivity times and efficiency. An automatic screw feeder is an automatic device that is used in areas of automatic assembly, such as producing car components, motors, mobile phones, home appliances, etc.

The automatic screw feeder can achieve the goal of locking various kinds of screws by just one machine. Automatic Screw Feeder machines allow automation, increase productivity, improve product quality, and a great return on value.

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