Uttar Pradesh: 146 hotspots in 15 districts with 401 positive COVID-19 cases in the coronavirus


Lucknow: One hundred and forty-six hotspots with 401 positive COVID-19 cases were identified in 15 districts of Uttar Pradesh, said the state’s additional chief secretary, the Department of the Interior of Uttar Pradesh, Awanish K Awasthi, on Monday.

During a press conference, Awasthi said: “146 hotspots have been identified in 15 districts. There are 1.71,232 houses with 9.78.055 people. In all of these areas, barricades have been set up, disinfections have been carried out, and 401 positive cases have been found here. ”
“In the other 25 districts, 62 hotspots were identified. There were 1.62,664 houses with 9.50,828 people in these areas identified. 80 positive cases were found here,” he added.

Awasthi said that check-in orders were issued in every village and house on March 29, 30 and 31.

“Measures are now being taken against anyone who is hiding. CM has ordered that the district administration and the police involved should also be dealt with,” he added.

“District magistrates themselves had identified hotspots in 15 districts in the first phase and in around 25 districts in the second phase. More than 480 corona cases were found here. 85 percent of the corona cases are therefore within the ring. Fence,” said Awasthi.

He added that Prime Minister Yogi has instructed Adityanath to look out for on-site deliveries and disinfection in these areas. “So far, the media has been strictly prohibited from entering these areas, but now they are allowed in limited numbers if necessary. The DM should send the disinfection work in these areas,” he added.

Awasthi said that committees have been formed under the chairmanship of the health minister to restore emergency services, and their reports will be submitted to the CM.

The Prime Minister also said that social distance in the vegetable mandis should be ensured in different districts.

The health minister previously said that 47 of the 550 coronavirus-positive cases in Uttar Pradesh were discharged from the hospitals after a full recovery.