Video marketing: how to professionally promote a YouTube channel


How to boost the professional way of a YouTube channel?
Quim Boix, professor of the Digital Marketing Master of EAE and Pau Llambí, entrepreneur and digital marketing professional in Business Time and CEO of Marketers Group explain to us through this web conference.

In the digital era, videos add a whole new dimension in marketing campaigns. Done properly, videos can add depth and professionalism to projects. According to several studies there is a probability that 64% of customers make a purchase after watching the video of a product.

Boosting a YouTube channel is not an easy task because of today's competition. But it is a fundamental video marketing tool to boost companies. YouTube channels are a source of knowledge, anecdotes, curiosities, information, but also the offer of services and products.

The level of general saturation in all media is mandatory for digital marketing professionals and use video marketing in well defined strategies.

Speaker Pau Llambí Feliu: