Video Marketing Lawyer: 8 essential elements of a law firm Facebook Video Ad …


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When you have published ads in the past, you may have experienced little or no results, negative comments, that sense of despair that comes with lost time.

Although you may be ready to throw in the towel when it comes to your Facebook ads, we recommend that you first watch this video.

In this video, I will break down the 8 necessary elements of a successful Facebook video ad.

In fact, I'm sure you'll want to tune in to this explanation on video, so I'll even list them here:

1. Pattern entry.
2. Desire
3. Introduction with credibility.
4. History
5. Old method.
6. Change of opportunity.
7. Offer.
8. Instructions.

Did any of that happen to you? Don't worry, I will provide a detailed explanation of what each of these 8 elements means, why they are important, how you should use them in your Facebook video ad.

Extend the role of your pen, because I am giving you the 8 key ingredients to create a successful video ad on Facebook.