Video Marketing Secrets 2019: video marketing tips for companies


Video Marketing Secrets 2019: video marketing tips for companies

Are you looking to configure your content marketing strategy 2019? Are you struggling to stand out in the sea of ​​your competitors?

If you are in industrial or manufacturing products / services, this video is perfect for you because we work with some of the world's largest industrial brands in their commercialization every day.

The advice and strategy of Kyle Milan are not based solely on theory, they are based on the last 4 years of exclusive work with the industrial sector to increase brand awareness using the latest digital marketing strategies and more than 15 years of Manufacturing Marketing experience prior to ESO!

In 2019, the best way for manufacturing and industrial companies to stand out is by using fast and flashy videos …
BUT where companies fail is only making 1 video.

In the agency I own (5 Fold Agency), we created 11 micro-videos for our clients with the new video style "Corporate Overview" as the main presenter.

Then we manage the distribution of these 12 videos for 3 months using; Social networks, email marketing, PPC ads and organic YouTube.

By creating 11 micro-videos of 45 seconds to 2.5 minutes long, we can boost brand awareness campaigns further and increase exposure dramatically in a short period of time.

In Manufacturing and Industrial, so many services and products are offered that most companies fail drastically in their marketing efforts, stand out and are consistent with their content to drive new traffic in their portfolio.


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