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Cut through content clutter: participate in video content marketing
Mark McMaster, YouTube

Looking for a complete video marketing strategy guide? Look no further As head of global brand and video launch strategy at Google, Mark McMaster knows one or two things about YouTube optimization.

Immerse yourself in the trends in video marketing strategy as seen on YouTube. Get detailed information on video consumption trends. Explore the challenges and opportunities for content in a multi-screen world for mobile devices. Learn more than I knew existed about YouTube optimization. Understand how to measure the value of video participation and decode disparate video metrics, so you can build a comprehensive and winning video marketing strategy.

The heart of YouTube optimization, according to Mark, is the A-B-C-D approach: attract, mark, connect and direct. Attract people to your content, mark what you do (neither too much nor too little), form a connection that supports the audience and directs people somewhere after they have consumed your content. If you can do that, you have a winning video marketing strategy.

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