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Video marketing strategy is crucial in a world where there is so much video noise. In this video, I interview Ben Amos of Engage Video Marketing and Innovate Media. Ben works with brands and companies creating video content for them.

Online video marketing should be based on a strategy to get the results you want and measure your ROI.

We also cover video marketing for small businesses and some challenges they face in their online brand and video marketing. And we also cover the topic of video marketing trends to finish things.

Quick access:
01:58 Does your business have a video strategy?
04:50 Video Producer Challenge
07:00 How has the accessibility of affordable quality video equipment affected video marketing services?
09:28 Empower small businesses with a video strategy
11:30 Fears and equipment
13:00 What kind of content should you create for your business?
13:34 Target audience and the buyer's trip
15:45 Production quality and its message.
17:25 Challenges of small businesses to start with the video
19:15 It's not about you
20:20 ROI and video
24:10 Lead with courage
24:50 Reusing content in your strategy
28:20 Storytelling and marketing
31:30 Video and platform strategy
33:30 Live streaming and video strategy
38:00 Outsourcing vs internal video marketing
41:15 The Video Strategist Opportunity
43:05 Future trends in video marketing
46:50 The need to overcome fears before the camera

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