Video Marketing Tips My 3-step video introduction formula to capture and maintain the interest of your audience


Video marketing tips: my 3-step video introduction formula to capture and keep your audience's interest *** Download my video scripts and cheat sheet here:

I am pleased to share these video marketing tips that can help you get and keep as many viewers for your videos or lives on Facebook.

Do you want to hit a home run with your lives or Facebook videos?

Then, you will want to learn how to present and start your videos correctly to capture the attention of your viewers and attract their interest enough to stay and get all their goodness.

In this episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I will share with you My formula on how to start each of your videos so that you win and keep the most viewers.

*** Download my video scripts and cheat sheet here:

📝 Show notes and resources mentioned in the video

29 Episode 29 – How I attract the best network marketing leaders and sales using VIDEO –

RankingVideo Ranking Academy by Sean Cannell –

If you are already making videos and posting them on YouTube and want to learn how to optimize these videos to get more views and ratings, this is one of the best trainings I've been through that can help you do this. I have been able to classify my videos on the first YouTube page in 1 day with this training.

🎞Fearless video marketing system by Mark Harbert –

If you are new to the video and you are not 100% sure you have enough confidence to bite the bullet, but you know you MUST be making videos, this is the best training I can recommend. I have been through that and I have many of my clients and the comments are incredible. This training will guide you to overcome your fear of video and get going quickly with simple strategies!

🖥The definitive brand plan –

This is my main course when it comes to building an influential online brand that attracts potential customers and sales for your business.

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About this video: In this episode: I share my best video marketing tips. Whether you're marketing on YouTube because you want to learn how to use YouTube for business or grow your business with YouTube, these business video tips will be useful for your online video marketing. I have a specific video marketing strategy that will complement your YouTube marketing strategy. YouTube video marketing will require a video strategy that works. Whether you're learning how to create a sales video or how to make a video for your business, these YouTube marketing tips will help you grow your business with YouTube. YouTube for commercial marketing is the best form of video prospecting.

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