Vijay Deverakonda: I want to sit in a café and have normal conversations

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Vijay Deverakonda sits comfortably on the sofa and has a quick breakfast while this conversation unfolds. A few more interviews are pending and he is also making an appearance to celebrate the growth of his rowdy fashion label. He's already packing several things World famous lover (WFL) Releases on February 14th.

In the film directed by Kranti Madhav, Vijay Raashi Khanna, Catherine Tresa, Izabelle Leite and Aishwarya Rajesh play. Does he play different roles or is it a man in different stages of love? Vijay wants the audience to discover it for themselves. He says that he enjoyed playing the character Seenayya, who lives in Kothagudem, and that the same film gave him the chance to portray Gautam, who lives in Paris in a lavish and romantic way.

Vijay started to work WFL soon after Dear comrade and says it was physically and mentally exhausting to make several love stories. At the end, he felt he was done with them. His statement about it WFL is his last love story that caught attention. "I'm 30; I've made so many love stories so far (Pelli Choopulu, Arjun Reddy and Geetha Govindam and Dear comrade), with deviations like NO and taxiwala," he says.

  • Style and sensitivity: Vijay, who is dressed entirely in black, states that he once had a riot of color and now prefers subdued tones. When he launched his Rowdy clothing label, he oversaw the design and flew to Bengaluru (where the manufacturing took place) for testing. "Now I have a great design team that understands my sensitivity and makes fun clothes," he says.
  • Make the gift cool: for three years at Christmas, it turned into DeveraSanta and fulfilled wishes. “I wanted to create moments that people will appreciate. If I had been a child and Mahesh Babu would have asked: "This Sankranti, what do you want from me?" I would have been so excited. I wanted to do something like that. “People expressed their wish on social media and the Vijay team chose some. Someone got a Macbook for free! This initiative is not limited to philanthropy, says Vijay: “I want to make gifting cool so that others can follow. Someone gave me £ 3000 when I couldn't afford a gym membership. I still remember and write to her to express gratitude. "

As he influenced a bit of himself in each of these films, he realized that he needed to explore a new zone. "There are many more stories to tell, and I change as a person. I am preparing for my pan-Indian project and expanding to eagerly play other genres. There was a time when I was amazed by love stories – slow-motion montages and unforgettable moments on the screen with these brilliant actresses. It doesn't excite me anymore, ”says Vijay.

Next up is a Hindi Telugu action entertainer directed by Puri Jagannadh in collaboration with Karan Johar.

Vijay also talks about slowing his pace of work so that he can sit back and analyze his craft: "We produce films at such a speed that we don't have time to reset them." All of our material and body languages ​​come from real observations. It helps when a director has a clear idea of ​​what he wants from a character. Otherwise it is up to us to find out. And we need time for that. “He emphasizes that he wants his films to be valued by the audience for a long time.

Did he feel the need to watch real life and bring this knowledge to his screen? "I've felt this need for the past two years. I want to sit in a cafe and have a conversation. I can only have normal relationships with those who have known me for years. Some of them treat me like a star nowadays," shrugs Vijay with the shoulders.

Vijay Deveraconda

He accepts that this is part of the glory and says that he needs to turn to alternative sources like books and movies to analyze characters. But time is running out. I take up too much work. I can only read before I go to sleep or when I'm in the car. "

On the set, Vijay juggles responsibilities that go beyond acting and says that the producers place responsibility on him, especially when it is a new director: "I double and do 15 other jobs and do my best," he says ,

As an aspiring actor, he wanted to do what he loved (acting) and make some money. Glory was not on his radar. He remembers the days of shooting for Pelli Choopuluwith Tharun Bhascker's directorial debut at the time: “We made the film on a budget of one million. We wanted to break even so we could make another film on a similar budget, and then a few more. But the ambition is so great that new things keep coming up on my list. I want to do everything I can to see what I can do. "

In summary, Vijay draws a cricket analogy: “I will play every ball that comes to me and try to achieve a century. I am committed to my craft and my film. "