Vishal Mishra’s single “Aaj Bhi” with Ali Fazal and Surbhi Jyoti is a bittersweet love song


Vishal Mishra, the music composer who is known for his work in films Kabir Singh and Saand ki Aankh, recently unveiled his second independent single “Aaj Bhi” in collaboration with VYRL Originals. The song written by Vishal contains a video with actors Ali Fazal and Surbhi Jyoti directed by Gurmeet Singh (director of the web series) Mirzapur). The song shows the main characters, who accidentally meet years after their meeting and evoke bittersweet memories of their relationship.

“I wrote the song to capture the moments of comfort and apologetic love that we feel for someone from the past,” says Vishal.

The original plan was to unveil the song and video in March, but it took time and the nationwide ban was announced to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Art in all forms – books, music, cinema and visual arts – was a soothing balm during the closure, and Vishal claims: “The right time is always good music.”

He wanted the lyrics to be talkative and reflect serious emotions that are felt about long lost love. “We all experience moments when we could be happy in life but still miss someone who is special,” explains Vishal. The song comes from a space of mutual respect and is dedicated to those who have respectfully distanced themselves from a relationship and have fond memories.

Vishal Mishra and actor Surbhi Jyoti

Vishal Mishra and actor Surbhi Jyoti
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This is Vishal’s second independent song for VYRL Originals, Universal Music India’s platform that promotes non-film music. His first song for the platform was “Sajna Ve”.

The composer was part of the discussions for the music video and said that he, director Gurmeet, the actors and Vinit Thakkar (COO of Universal Music India and South Asia) were on the same page: “The composer, director, producer, and everyone has to equally be restless while bringing out a work of art to get the best results. Our discussions focused on how the emotional meaning of the song can be conveyed through the video, ”he says.

The video was shot in January in Karnal, Chandigarh and some areas of Punjab: “It was winter, cold and life was nicer,” he says, referring to the time before the pandemic started.

On the set, Vishal watched the cast and crew move visibly while some parts were being rotated. Some also opened up to share their personal stories.

The story that dissolves in the song has no definitive end. The two characters remember old memories and experience a rush of emotions. So Vishal wanted it to be like this: “In the song he (Ali Fazal) expresses that he feels no pain; In fact, he can’t remember exactly what it was like to be around her, and is wondering why he still misses her. “

Vishal enjoys the freedom and individuality of independent music, where he is not tied to someone else’s screenplay, as in the cinema, but confirms that it is film or independent music. He does this wholeheartedly: “Music is too divine to be operated without it, I like it,” he summarizes.

(“Aaj Bhi” is available on YouTube’s VRYL Originals channel.)