"Was Nehru Communal?" PM Modi affirms Congress on CAA attacks

<pre><pre>"Was Nehru Communal?" PM Modi affirms Congress on CAA attacks

The pact between Nehru and Liaquat Ali was signed against the backdrop of a large-scale migration.

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi denied allegations of discriminating against minorities in connection with a controversial citizenship law and launched a sharp attack on Congress.

"To make someone want to become Prime Minister of India, a line was drawn on the map and India was divided into two parts. After the division, the way in which Hindus, Sikhs and other minorities were persecuted is unimaginable," replied Prime Minister Modi for a debate on the President's speech.

He said: "The Nehru Liaquat Ali Pact was signed in 1950, which says that minorities in Pakistan are not discriminated against. A great secular person like Nehru, a great visionary; and everything for you, why he has not employed all citizens and people not minorities? There must have been a reason. "

The pact between Nehru and Pakistani Prime Minister Liaquat Ali was signed against the background of the great migration of minorities between the two countries after the division.

PM Modi said: "Why did Nehru use minorities? He also replied to it, and I would know that you would abandon him if necessary. Nehru had written to the chief minister of Assam and I quote: “You would have to distinguish between Hindu refugees and Muslim migrants. "Nehru wrote this to Assam chief minister. Nehru said in Parliament in 1950:" There is no doubt that the affected people who have settled in India deserve citizenship and if the law is not appropriate then it should be changed , "In 1953, the authorities in Lok Sabha, Nehru said, put pressure on Hindus in eastern Pakistan. There are documents and reports that all speak for a law.

Was Nehru collaborative in all of these cases? I want to know? Did he differentiate between Hindus and Muslims? Did he want a Hindu nation? ", Asked he.

"The prime minister distracts people from real problems by speaking about Jawaharlal Nehru, Pakistan, and Bangladesh," said congressional leader Rahul Gandhi.