Watch Movies Online: Best Websites To Stream Free Movies


Coming across the entertainment options which are free, feels like a blessing on this earth. Isn’t it? If you don’t want to compromise the free movie entertainment part every month, you should try the “free sites to watch movies online without downloading,” which will save you the cost of cinema tickets as well as the fun.

Although there are abundant free movie download sites online, the quality of them is not much dependable. So, you must try some of the best movie streaming sites which let you watch the movies in HD quality. There are apps you can try using on your Android or iOS smartphones to watch free movies. Some of them are, Showbox, Cinema Box Application, Megabox HD movies app, Terrarium TV, & Playview APK.

Best Sites To Watch Movies Online Free

To help you with this, we are here with a handy list of best movie streaming sites, which will help you to explore your movies better. Let’s go through the list.


This site allows you to watch the movies without registration, as it doesn’t stream any video or movie on their server, rather they depend on the non-affiliated sources for providing the streaming links. The response rate of this site is excellent, so you can easily watch the movies on your mobile, tablet or any other handy portable device. Putlockers only available to stream’ option helps you to easily separate the online movies and streaming movies.

This site is famous for streaming the HD quality movies. It streams the movies very fast and lets you select the movies according to the genre of your like, for e.g. comedy, action, horror, thriller, etc. It allows you to watch the latest movies without any advertisement pop-ups. What more can you expect from such sites?


With its user-friendly layout, this site lets you choose the movie, new or old, according to the genre and fits it for viewing on mobile, laptop, etc. It also requires no registration, but just a click to stream the link. Again, this site doesn’t host any video but stream the link after collecting them from different sources. The database of movies on this site is unyielding.


MoviesPrime is an exclusive site for streaming only Hollywood movies for free. With no registration, the sites cool and stylish layout lets you explore the movie of your choice very smoothly. From Sci-Fi to animated drama, you will find everything here in the form of third party link. It is only available to stream’ option easily allows you to differentiate streaming movies from movies available for online watching.


123movies is a very popular name in the field of movie streaming. It’s the big search box at the top makes it quite easy for anyone to find the most popular streaming movies. Apart from the popular, you can find the movies according to genre also. 123Movies is adding TV series also in its stride. So on this site, films and serials can be watched hand-in-hand.

With no buffering needed at all, this site shines as a bright star in the other movie streaming websites. It is very high-tech and is embedded with best HD viewing capabilities. It’s TV series section, and latest movie section gets so frequently updated that I bet, you are not gonna lose any of the latest parts. For revenue, Ozoomic relies on good advertisements and not on pop-ups, which makes our stay on the site pleasant and worth.


The user experience provided by this site is sometimes incomparable and uncompromising. It embeds the video players from different websites to one single site. Mostly, it prefers to put only those videos on their list which are in HD quality. Once you open this site, I am sure that you would fall in love with its design.

This website is relatively new in its origin with a database of good movies. Their featured entertainment area and IMDB top movie category make this the most interesting website to search for the streaming movies. Although registration is required on this site, the vast range of facilities and ease that it makes it worth the registration. This site has many servers, even one from the Vodlocker as well.

My Download Tube

This is a multi-faceted site, which provides free Gaming facility as well. It streams the free movies so fast that you will never feel like downloading the movie anytime. With no registration required, you can just search for the film from their frequently updated database and open it to watch online.


Crackle is one of the most talked about the site for movie streaming. It doesn’t require the user registration, but if you sign-up with your ID, it will update you about any new movie addition in their database. It airs the TV shows as well and that too for free. It allows the streaming of the video on TV as well, if you wish to do so. It has some exclusive content which is unavailable at most of the sites. We can enjoy this exclusivity for free by just roaming on the Crackle’s site.


Together with providing the links for streaming your favorite movie, Einthusan helps you to meet and chat with the movie fanatics with whom you can have a chat about your favorite flicks and what not. This site explicitly focuses on a comprehensive review system, which makes the decision-making process of the visitors of this site very quick and informative. The ad presence is not annoying to abut abundantly.

Again, this website doesn’t host any movie but relies on the external links. This site provides multiple links to the film you wish to watch. But sometimes the links turn out to be dead or lead to some junk ads, which adds to the frustration. Apart from that, it provides an enjoyable user experience. It allows forum postings for discussing and providing feedback about any movie or the site.

This is a unique site which gives you both the facilities of external linking as well as site hosting for video streaming. This feature allows it to have an enormous collection of movies. Though it is at the early stage of development, the user experience that it offers to take it ahead of many established and reliable old sites. Remember, the movies with bolt icon on them streams faster than the other movies on this site.

As this site depends ultimately on the Google Ad-sense, so the site is completely free of any pop-ups and annoying ads. This feature encounters its drawback of not supplying the latest releases quickly. It has an independent library, which contains more than 1500 movies. This site has an app also, which is readily available on Play store and iTunes.


This website provides an ad-less and registration free way of streaming the free movies. The site is very easy to surf and provides the movies with best HD quality only. The layout and design of this site are eye-catchy, yet simple. Wolowtube completes the search for a free movie streaming site in one go.


So this is a list of 15 best movie streaming sites from where you can stream your favorite movie for free. Although we have compiled this list out of our best knowledge, let us know which is your favorite site to watch movies without downloading.