Watch these famous film adaptations of plays on World Theater Day


What did people see before there were films? People saw plays. Small or large stage productions have been a source of entertainment for centuries. World Theater Day is celebrated on March 27th, and we’ve put together a list of the best plays of all time that have been turned into films.

These films became famous, but you may not even know that they are adaptations of plays. Read on to make your choice:

Choose M for Murder (MX Player)

Alfred Hitchcock’s Dial M for Murder is an American thriller from 1954, based on a play of the same name by the English playwright Frederick Knott. It ran successfully on BBC television and in London, followed by New York’s Broadway. It’s a mind-boggling puzzle based on revenge by murder among wealthy socialists.

Choose M for murder

My big fat greek wedding (HOOQ)

My Big Fat Greek Wedding is actually a theater show that became famous when Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson saw it and produced it as a film. It was really a solo exhibition about the experience of actress Nia Vardalos to introduce her non-Greek husband to her extremely loud and extremely large Greek family. What follows is a hilarious romantic comedy about traditional Greek rituals mixed with a lot of Greek slang with a hint of Mediterranean spice.


Casablanca (HOOQ)

Based on the piece Everybody come to Rick’s, Casablanca earned its classic title when it received awards for the best picture and the best director at the 16th Academy Awards. With unforgettable lines, famous main characters and an unforgettable theme song, Casablanca is on the list of the greatest films in history. The story produced by Warner Bros takes place in the days of the First World War.


The Sunset Limited (Hotstar)

The Sunset Limited with Samuel Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones is a 2011 film based on a 2006 play by Cormac McCarthy and loosely based on the belief in God. It is a convincing conversation between the two main characters, black and white, with opposing beliefs that convince each other what you think is the truth.

The Sunset Limited

The deep blue sea (hot star)

The Deep Blue Sea is a British film with Rachel Weisz, Tom Hiddleston and Simon Russell Beale, adapted from Terence Rattigan’s 1952 play of the same name. It takes place in the 1950s and sheds light on life at that time. It focuses on the wife of a judge who is having an affair with a former RAF pilot.

The deep blue sea 2011

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