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To understand how Google ads work, it is important to understand how Google works. With Google, it always starts with a person. This person has a thought / idea and has a question you want to search on Google. When people search on Google, they want to find the answer to something. This is the opportunity to show your product, show the solution that your company has for this person's problem. Within Google, there is what is called organic results. These are the things that Google puts in the search results for free because it is high quality content and Google knows that they will provide a solution. What Google publishes at the top of the search results are paid ads. The way to get to this place is through the Google Ads platform.

The benefit of using Google Ads is that it speeds up your results. The way it works is that I would tell Google that you want your ad to be at the top of the search results for a particular keyword. A keyword is whatever someone searches on Google. Google, in turn, wants to be paid for this. It will tell Google that I will give you $ 1.00 every time someone clicks on my ad. You don't pay unless someone clicks on your ad.

For Google Ads, it's a bidding system. Someone can come and say they will give you $ 1.10. They would go above the search results. The more people participate, the greater the potential offer. The way it works is that you know that every time someone clicks on your ad, it will cost you $ 1.00. If you earn $ 2.00 on average every time someone clicks on your ad, then it makes sense.

One thing that makes Google Ad so powerful is that it can not only target specific keywords, but it can also target by geography, time zone and device. You can be very analytical and discover things that work for you and your business. A quick tip is also to bid for a more specific keyword. The person looking for this will probably buy than those looking for a generic keyword.

Another important thing is to make a split proof of your ad copy. You may have an Ad A and you can also write a better one as Announcement B. The message, the actual wording that appears when someone is about to click on your ad, is very important. The goal is to get a message that converts as high as possible. This means that, how many times a person sees your ad, how often do you click on your ad. You want that number to be as high as possible. This is called your click rate. The better your click rate, the lower Google will charge you per click.

To summarize this, this is what is called a funnel. At the top of the funnel are everyone in the world who is looking for a particular keyword. Of all these people, a small percentage will click on your ad. Of these people who clicked on your ad, a small percentage will really buy your product. That is the important thing. You want to grow each section as much as you can. The way to increase your sales is to increase the percentage that goes through each part of your funnel. That will have a drip effect.

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