What Are Some Possible Defenses To Drug Trafficking Charges?

Drug Charges

It is a matter of fact that drug trafficking charges are much more serious in comparison to basic drug possession charges. Trafficking charges come with long mandatory imprisonment sentences against the convict, irrespective of the circumstance.

Since defense strategies tend to be very crucial in trafficking cases, make sure that you convey detailed specifications of your case to your drug crime defense attorney. Once your lawyer is aware of these specifics, s/he can easily plan a brilliant defense strategy to safeguard you.

Here is a detailed guide that can help you understand what drug trafficking is, what it’s laws are, and what the potential defenses to such charges can be.

What is Drug Trafficking?

Drug trafficking refers to importing, transporting, or selling illegal drugs. This serious crime is also known as “drug distribution”. Drug trafficking is considered to be a federal and felony crime and is not similar to “drug possession”.

Overview of Drug Trafficking Laws

The laws of drug trafficking are governed by the federal laws. The federation penalizes the illegal selling and transportation of controlled substances like methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin, and other drugs. The legal punishment for trafficking varies on the basis of multiple parameters, such as the quantity and type of controlled substances involved, the age of the targeted group, and the geographical region of distribution. In general, the sentences for such crimes range from three years to lifetime imprisonment.

Drug trafficking even refers to the unlawful selling or transportation of the prescription drugs like sleeping pills and painkillers. Trafficking prescription drugs usually involves pharmaceutical opiates and hydrocodone products.

Potential Legal Punishments for Drug Trafficking

If a person has been convicted for trafficking drugs, s/he can expect to be sentenced with any of the following punishments:
● Varying imprisonment terms
● Lengthy probation terms
● Heavy monetary fines
● Forfeiture of assets and property
● Community service
● Forfeiture of certain fundamental civil rights

Possible Defenses Used by Lawyers for Drug Trafficking Charges

There are many potential defense measures used by the drug crime lawyers in cobb county to fight drug trafficking charges. Some of the most used and common drug trafficking defense techniques are discussed below:

The Search was Unlawful

It is a matter of fact that every individual has certain privacy rights, which cannot be legally violated by the police until they possess a true warrant, which permits them to conduct a special search operation. For example, if a cop found out the controlled substances after barging into your house uninvited or without your permission, it can be termed as an unlawful search.
Your drug crime defense attorney can convey to the judge that the search, which led the police to the controlled substances, was illegal and this can, in turn, help the matter to come into your favor.

The Accused was not Aware of the Drugs

Another important defense used by the drug crime defense lawyers for drug trafficking charges is claiming that you did not have any idea about the presence of the drugs when you moved them. It is a matter of fact that the drug smugglers often trick the innocent individuals into transporting drugs by implementing clever methods without them even having the slightest knowledge of possessing or transporting the controlled substances. So, if the accused individual was ignorant about the controlled substances, it can possibly weaken and defeat the drug trafficking charges.

You didn’t Intend to Traffic the Drugs

You need to know that your intention makes for a significant part in the drug trafficking charge. An individual might have been accused of drug trafficking owing to the drug quantity present in his/her possession. However, if the person intended to use all the controlled substances for his/her personal consumption only, owing to his/her addiction, that can be used as a legit defense. Using this defense technique can decrease your charges and the judge may announce a less severe sentence for you.

The Final Words

According to law, drug trafficking is a very serious offence that can come with threatening punishments. Getting convicted with drug trafficking can affect your life dramatically, even if it’s your first time offence. Prosecutors and law enforcement are very aggressive to catch and severely punish those people who they believe to be involved in drug trafficking.

A knowledgeable and experienced drug crime defense lawyer can guide you effectively through all the phases of your defense case. S/he will fight on your behalf to make sure that your lawful rights are safeguarded and your case is successfully resolved in the most efficient way possible. You drug crime defense lawyer will negotiate for:

● Your charges to be dismissed or dropped
● Your charges to be reduced
● A diversion program
● Probation rather than imprisonment

Keeping this in mind, it is highly advisable to work with a reputed drug crime defense lawyer, if you have been charged with drug trafficking.