What are the best flowers for different occasions?

Best flowers

The need for making every occasion perfect is there in all of us. Whether it may be a birthday or an anniversary, we just want the occasion to be celebrated properly and joyously. You can place online order for midnight flower delivery Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi or any other city that you want these flowers to be delivered to. 

At times we are far from the ones we love so flowers just become the right way to express those emotions and I hope you know that there are many advantages to keeping flowers as well. There are times when we are not able to find perfect words to depict what we feel and the perfect solution for those times is flowers. 

There are various health benefits associated with flowers as they are known for their fragrance, healing properties and their way of boosting the immunity as well. 

Now before you give yellow carnations (which mean neglected love and sorrow) to your boyfriend, which you should not here we have a list of flowers according to the occasion that is there. 


It is one of the most important occasions of the year where we appreciate and thank what our mothers did for us and she also deserves the perfect flowers according to the occasion: 


The pink carnations are perfect for the occasion as they are known to symbolize mothers, undying love. This symbolization comes from the Christian legend when mother Mary wept because she couldn’t see the plight of Jesus Christ. This is why they symbolize mothers, undying love. 


They are also known as “mums”. Although they are the queen of the fall but their beauty cannot be matched. This is why they are also given on Mother’s Day. 

You can always consider other options like lilies, peonies and pink roses as the pink roses are known for the symbolization of motherhood. Order now & send flowers to pune.


February is known as the romantic month because the occasion of valentines and the person who is always there with you deserve the appreciation and the love that they show for you to be reciprocated after all in the relationship, efforts must be put from both the sides. 

For this occasion, you can always choose from these flowers


These flowers are there to symbolize the lover’s burning passion that he has been there in the core of the flowers between the petals, what more could signify the love better than that? 


We don’t even have to explain their relevance for the valentines as they are something which must be known by you now. Historically red roses are always known for their symbolism for the bold and dramatic love. They are a must on valentines. 


Red carnations again symbolize the love between individuals. There are times when we are not able to find roses on valentines due to their sudden rise in demand. You can always go for these blooms 

as they also symbolize the love that is there between people. 


Birthdays are one occasion which is hard to miss, if you are bad at remembering dates then you can always set reminders for the birthday. The best flowers for that occasions are: 


Orchids are yet another masterpiece of nature as they require minimal care and are bulbous and fragrant. You can always go for the on occasions like birthdays and we have our guide for you which will take you on a tour to the orchid world.


Sunflowers are perfect to remind them that they also are the sunshine of your life. also, they are the flowers which also convey the message of romance and the message of good health and prosperity.


Guilty as charged roses are just perfect when it comes to the occasions. These flowers are just so versatile that they can be used anywhere and on any occasions. 


The simplest way to choose an anniversary flower is to go by the year of anniversary. You can always choose a flower that represents the year of anniversary and present it to the simple yet effective! 

  • Carnations for the 1st anniversary
  • Lily of the valley for the 2nd anniversary
  • Sunflowers for the 3rd anniversary
  • Daisies for the 5th anniversary
  • Daffodils for the 10th anniversary
  • Roses for the 15th anniversary
  • Lilies for the 30th anniversary
  • Yellow roses and violets for the 50th anniversary

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