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What are the reasons for choosing automatic screw locking machine?

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What are the reasons for choosing automatic screw locking machine?

What are the reasons for choosing the automatic locking screw machine? With the "labor shortage" phenomenon in the mainland also beginning to highlight, many workers are complaining about not increasing their wages, so they have to ride horses and horses, or increase their wages or leave. With the sharp increase of labor cost, raw material cost, rent, water and electricity, numerous labor-intensive enterprises are facing bankruptcy or moving to remote places. There are countless enterprises that have closed down overnight.

So why do many enterprises encounter such a thorny problem? How many processes do they have in a production line? At present, many enterprises still use traditional manual screwing, and these enterprises always use one hand to use an electric or pneumatic screwdriver, and the other hand to grasp the screw and align it with the mouth of the screwdriver. When one hand does the necessary actions of "grasping, moving, waiting and aligning", the time consumed accounts for one third of the time required for screwing, especially for materials When the screw is made of stainless steel or copper, which can not be absorbed by magnet, it will take more time, and there are many screw positions in each production line. In this way, the production rate is very low, and the enterprise has no efficiency, and the wages of employees are naturally not high, so the vicious circle will naturally lead to the collapse of the enterprise.

So how to avoid these thorny problems? At present, there is a popular machine in China, which is called automatic screw locking machine. It can save many employees. It only needs to load and unload materials. It can save time, labor and operation, and realize mechanized management. The reasons for choosing automatic screw locking machine are as follows:

1. Cost saving: one person can operate efficiently, one person is equivalent to the efficiency of four people.

2. High efficiency: up to 60 screws per minute, 2 times the efficiency instantly

3. Ultra clean: no longer directly contact with screws, to avoid the problem of hand rust caused by secondary pollution;

4. More relaxed: one worker is required for a single equipment, only need to complete loading and unloading;

5. Reliability: it can work more than 20 hours a day;

6. Generality: for the products with the same screw, just replace the fixture, which can lock different products. Through simple programming, they can be put into production, which is very convenient for enterprises to organize production.

7. Good image: intelligent automation equipment makes the enterprise produce a new picture and set up a high-tech image.

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