What does content marketing look like in 2019? Neil Patel


In this video I will share with you what content marketing looks like in 2019.

The blogosphere is competitive. There are more than one billion blogs. That is a blog for every seven people. How are you going to compete? What will content marketing see now in today's competitive environment?

How many of you eject content and receive very little traffic? In 2019, content will not rank as well as it used to. Today I will share with you how to make content marketing work for your business in 2019.


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Seeing in 2019 the content will not be classified as well as it used to. Yes, they say content is king, but you already know that there are more than one billion blogs. Nowadays Google is not only choosing, hey, what content we want to classify, because we lack content. They are like, we have content in everything under the sun, and the same thing hundreds of times. So now they are simply not choosing, what content do we want to classify? They are seeing the authority, the user metrics, they are even seeing when the content was created. Why would they want to classify content that is two years old, when they can classify something that is less than a week old? So, when it comes to content marketing in 2019, you should make sure that your content is also up to date. If you do not update your previous content, you will not receive as much love as people who are continuously releasing new content.

The second tip I have for you is not to regurgitate the same information over and over again. People are tired of reading 12 SEO tips that will double their traffic. You can search on Google, there are probably different variations of that number, but there are probably hundreds of articles on that topic. Write something new, fresh, that has not been seen before, is more likely to get traffic, ratings and even shared on social networks.

I know you won't like this third tip, but the third tip for you is to create video and audio based content. The text is overrated, it does not help you connect with people as much as the video. I still love text messages, I still write texts, but the future is video. It's much nicer, people know you better, your personality and your company. So create video-based content, upload it to YouTube, Linkedin, you can even make Twitter and Instagram if it's short enough, and of course Facebook. Do not share the same video over and over again, such as sharing your YouTube video on Facebook. You have to re-record that video and reload it on Facebook. Linkedin, for example, should reload the video again instead of sharing the link to that Facebook video. Or that YouTube video. Now, with the audio, you want to create a podcast, it's easy, you can take out your phone, create an audio file, upload it to Itunes or Lip Sync, and you're ready for the races. The same with the video, you don't really have to go to a studio like me, and record all these elegant videos and pay money. You can take out your phone. I would even say that most of the time, of all the tests we have done, the videos that you end up running on your iPhone become better if you are selling a product or service. So there is nothing wrong with doing that. Just look at Tai López, who is known for taking out his phone and recording videos, and doing very well.

And the last tip I have for you is to promote your content. In 2019, you must spend more time promoting than writing.

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