What Eli Manning's ex-backup had to say about retired QB


MIAMI – "Great."

This is how Sage Rosenfels described how Eli Manning treated backup quarterbacks.

Rosenfels spent 12 years in the NFL and only made 12 starts during that time. He was on the list of five teams and switched from team to team seven times. He spent the 2010 season – "exactly 365 days as a New York soccer giant," he recalled – as Manning's second cast. Rosenfels came in 12 games and threw no pass.

"It was great for everyone," Rosenfels told The Post on Super Bowl LIV Radio Row on Wednesday. "You never really hear anyone say anything bad about him. It's not about protecting him. Even though he was the team's superstar, he didn't behave that way. He treated the backups with a lot of respect. "

Manning had a strong role reversal last season and supported rookie Daniel Jones. Rosenfels was not surprised to hear Manning accepted the role, even if he didn't like it

"It's another thing to be in that support role," said Rosenfels, who is still in touch with Manning. "One thing you learn as a backup is that it is often seen and not heard. Starting the quarterback is seen and heard. It was an unusual situation for Eli. I knew it would be extremely helpful. I think , Eli knew that the end had come in the past few years. If he was in this place, he wouldn't be upset, wee-is-me type. He was a team member all his life and I wasn't surprised that he was was like that in this situation. "

Reid Stumps for Bieniemy

Head coach Andy Reid confused as one of those that offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy has not yet been hired as head coach – despite several openings this season.

"I'm Eric Bieniemy's biggest fan," said Reid on Wednesday. "I think he would be a great head coach. I thought he would have an opportunity this year and it didn't work out for him. But when I talk about men's leaders, you won't find any better than Eric.

Eli Manning and Sage Rosenfels in 2010
Eli Manning and Sage Rosenfels in 2010Paul J. Bereswill

"He knows the right buttons to press, he has a great offensive mind and he organizes everything. He's the one who calls the pieces into the quarterback." It is phenomenal. I really don't think he has to work on anything to become the head coach. He is ready to go. He only needs this opportunity. "

No hangover hangover

Reid praised his players for recovering this year and taking the next step after losing to the Patriots in the AFC Championship game last year.

"We were neglected last year," said Reid. “Everyone has taken this responsibility to heart. I talked to the team about it after the game when we were whole – before the off-season. Boys got a taste of how they get to the championship game and lose, and that's not a good feeling. But they did something about it and attacked the off-season. I am proud to have chosen this approach. "

Mahomes remembers Mets BP

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was asked about his fondest memories of his father Pat when he played in the major leagues on Wednesday. He raised the Mets, for which his father was unlucky from 1999 to 2000.

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"My favorite memories were doing punching exercises and taking BP with some of the guys," he said. “When he was with the Mets, I remember taking BP with me [former Mets pitcher] Mike Hampton and flying balls. "

Coleman limited in practice

49ers RB Tevin Coleman was restricted in training on Wednesday. Coleman was pushed out of the NFC championship game with a shoulder injury.

"We'll see how the week goes by, how painful his shoulder is," said Niners coach Kyle Shanahan.

Shanahan was optimistic that Coleman could play on Sunday.

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