What happened after the Knicks fan won $ 1,000 in scratch cards?

<pre><pre>What happened after the Knicks fan won $ 1,000 in scratch cards?

The Knicks half-court shooting competition was similar to their plans for a free agency last summer: a mediocre price that turned out to be less than advertised.

Anthony Peterson fired a shot at half a court in the garden on Friday night and was rewarded with scratch cards worth $ 1,000. Just a few days after a Los Angeles fan won $ 100,000 for the same shot in a Lakers game, Peterson had to scrape off about 200 tickets only to find out that his real price was $ 500.

"Well, when they said scratches, I got a headache right away because I had to scrape them all off," Peterson told The Action Network. "I was thinking about who I could hire to do that for me, but then I figured they wanted part of the money, so I negated that idea. I thought what the hell? A guy just won $ 100,000 when he did the same thing in LA and I get a few lottery tickets. "Still a blessing."

Peterson, who excelled in the interview as a streetball legend, said he used this money in cee-lo (a dice game) and won $ 70 from his friends.

According to the website, Peterson's price was set by him when he turned a wheel.

Peterson appeared to have been selected for the competition on the wrong night. Last season, a fan won $ 10,000 for shooting a half-court in the garden. But after fans found out that his price was just scratch cards, one came to his rescue. Philanthropist Jimmy Donaldson, who passes Mr. Beast, said on Twitter that he had sent Peterson $ 10,000 to hit.

"I was thinking about buying $ 10,000 scratch cards and sending them to Mr. Beast as a thank you, but unfortunately I live in New York City and everything is expensive …" said Peterson shares in Disney and Tesla or Buy Leica. "