What is Blogging and its different types | Explained in detail in urdu hindi tuorial


Hello friends!! I'm Tamoor Pardasi here with another new and fresh video. In this video I will tell you about blogs and their various types. I will explain what blogging is and I will also discuss some of its different types. You should listen to people who are blogging and they also ask you to do blogs.

You can simply ask a blog for a website. Blog or websites are the two different names of the same thing. The blog can be created for free on blogger.com while the website can be purchased from somewhere.

You can create your personal blogs where you can share your thoughts or personal experiences on any topic. You can create informative blogs for any information you want to share with people. There are several types of blogs as I mentioned below:
Personal blog
Professional blog
Niche blog
Micro Niche Blog
Viral blog
Automatic blogging
News blog
Event Blog

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