What is Google AdWords? Google AdWords explained in 5 minutes


In this video, we answer the questions What is Google AdWords? So you can understand Google AdWords and how it works. Google AdWords is a mass advertising service and platform where people can post search ads, image ads, video ads and app ads on the Google Search Network and the Google Display Network.

Google AdWords homepage:

How Google AdWords works:

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Google AdWords Tools:

Some of the different places you can target your ads include the Google search engine, Google search partners such as Ask.com, the Google Display Network, Gmail, YouTube and more.

We review the ads on the search network where you target keywords as people type relevant and specific search queries. You can target a keyword like ppc advertising and then publish your ad.

Types of Google AdWords ads:

Search ads: You can run search ads in the Google search engine and Google search partners. You can target different keywords using AdWords keyword match types so you can post your pay-per-click ads to specific customers.

Display ads: You can post banner ads across the Google Display Network targeting locations, interests, market audiences, customer matching audiences, email list audiences, remarketing audiences and contextual keywords.

Video ads: You can post pre-roll and mid-roll video ads before videos on YouTube and the Google Display Network.