What is SEO and how it works – Google Positioning


What is SEO and how it works – Google Positioning

Currently more than 80% of consumers do a search on Google before making a decision to purchase a product or service.

Users write different terms or keywords seeking to solve their needs or concerns. Google offers a list of relevant websites before that search.

Therefore, if your website does not appear in the first search results or on the first page, it makes it difficult to reach your consumers.

The websites listed on page one on Google recorded 95% of total clicks. Hardly anyone reaches the sheet two or later.

If you have ever asked yourself why your competition is better positioned than you. It is due to its positioning strategy which is known as seo.

SEO means search engine optimization and in Spanish it can be translated as search engine optimization.

This helps you position a page better than the competition within the search results

Search engines such as Google append the most important information from web pages to help people find exactly what they are looking for

Having a well positioned page makes more people find you. To achieve a better positioning on your website you must have all the essential ingredients that the necessary search engines.

It is here that SEO can help you. SEO helps you improve the architecture of your website. Use specifically HTML tags. Automatically place the content in text AND the visual content And finally those input and output links.

When someone is looking for the type of service or product offered by search engines such as Google determines the relevant results to that search for the user.

In order to obtain the user's preference and visits to this search you need to be on the first result sheet. The most popular search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo. Although the most popular in Latin America is called Google with a preference greater than 95%.

Now you know what SEO is.