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To choose the best email marketing system for your business, you must first understand the structure of the email marketing system and what type of marketers you are.

🟢 Types of email marketers
I dissect Email Marketers in two types:
The first type, I call them "bulk advertisements" and the second type is "direct sellers".

Mass shipments: they are those people who collect, scrape or buy people's emails and start sending them promotional emails to sell their service or perhaps share an affiliate link to earn some commission. They are considered as spammers.

Straight Marketers:
The "legal" form of email marketing, where websites and business owners send emails only to people who subscribed to their lists to promote their services and send updates and newsletters.

So, first you must identify yourself, what type do you belong to?

🟢 Email marketing system structure

Mainly, any email marketing system consists of two parts:
The sender: (SMTP service) this is the technical part. It allows you to send emails over the Internet.

The administration application, where you can configure and manage your email lists, marketing campaigns, monitor and analyze results, manage your sending servers, etc.

Now we have two options:
1- We can turn to an email marketing company where you provide both parties together on a platform like MailChimp, Aweber …
2- Or you can create your own email marketing system by compiling or subscribing to a sending service (SMTP) such as AWS SES, Mailgun, Mandrill … and installing an email marketing application such as Mailwizz.

Then connect both and have your own system.

Using your own system, have only a small inconvenience, which is to build the system manually for the first time, which may take around 2-3 days to configure things correctly. But then you can send a 10-fold amount of emails for lower costs.

For example, you can send emails up to 100K for only $ 10, YES!

🟢 Email marketing services.
The other option is to subscribe to an email marketing service that will provide both parties (SMTP and the application) combined in an easy and simple platform, without worrying about technical issues.

Which email marketing service is the best?
Think of the following 4 factors:

1. Prices: all services start with $ 49 with 5000 contacts, if you go further, you can pay up to $ 400 for 75,000 contacts, etc.

2. Features: when we compare features, we see that most services have almost the same characteristics.

3. Simplicity: all these leading companies have simple platforms, and anyone can learn to work in one day.

4. Support: in general, everyone has excellent support and response.

So what to choose?

To simplify things for you, if you just started your online business and you don't have that great list, and you just need the basic email marketing functions, just go to the pricing page and get the cheapest service or you can even Go with the free plan.

* I can help you choose exactly what fits your business, contact me at any time, I will gladly help you.

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