What Shashi Tharoor said about the St. Stephen students who protested JNU

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What Shashi Tharoor said about the St. Stephen students who protested about JNU

The ruling sees student protests as a "threat," said Shashi Tharoor. (File)

New Delhi:

Shashi Tharoor, chairman of the senior congress, said on Saturday that St. Stephen's College students, who had dropped out of class due to solidarity with the JNU students, had revived the college's "historical tradition." ,

The students boycotted Wednesday's classes out of solidarity with JNU students who were subjected to violence on the university campus and in protest against the amended Citizenship Act.

Mr Tharoor spoke to a meeting at the launch of the college's flagship program for public policy and international relations, saying it should not be forgotten that Mahatma Gandhi issued the call for the non-cooperation movement from the St. Stephen & # 39; s campus have college.

The congress chair, who is also a college graduate, said it was unfortunate that the prevailing dispensation viewed protests as a "threat".

In memory of his college days, Tharoor said when he was president of the student union, there was a movement led by Jai Prakash Narayan in the 1970s that led to an emergency in the following years.

"A number of my fellow students asked me if we could participate (in the JP movement). I told them that we are an apolitical union and that it was not right for us as a union to participate because we are not part of the Delhi Student Union ", he said.

However, he said he asked his fellow students that he would not stand in the way of a single member attending rallies, but not on behalf of the student association.

If a single student decides to participate in protests, he or she can go, and if he or she stays behind, he or she can do so, said Lok Sabha MP.

"The ultimate idea is to have principles, to have values, but to do what is possible … I think in many ways that those who have chosen to march and protest follow the historical tradition of the Have revived colleges … "he said.

The chairman of the congress said that the prevailing dispensation had decided to try to intimidate and detain the police in the JNU "shamefully by thugs, representatives like the ABVP".

The "Chair for Public Order" was established in the college at the event, which was attended by the chair of the Board of Governors, Warris K Masih, Rector John Varghese and others.

Mr. Varghese said the college has excellent graduates.