What title weather can learn from the SEC's shell record?

<pre><pre>What title weather can learn from the SEC's shell record?

It's time to mark the week-long countdown for the highly anticipated blockbuster of the National College Football Championship next Monday between LSU and Clemson.

The LSU will likely be close to -5 to -5 ½ point favorites per week until key personnel news is available. Strong action from recreational weather could drive the line in both directions in the days and hours before kick-off. Sharps who had recently driven the LSU got their money's worth at lower prices when the game started. Those who keep an eye on the dog will wait until +6 is available. You can decide that +5 ¹ / ₂ is the best you get.

Will the SEC win another title? LSU tries to get it 10 out of 14. But the media hype over the years has convinced many experts and weather that the conference was overrated. Let's see what this season's bowl results say about this possible handicap angle.

Since games that land near the line may not say much about competing conferences, you should only look at the key results where the point scored by touchdown or more was missed. Here are ATS results for the Power 5 in betting market blowouts …

  • SEC (4-3): Yes, at the top with most big covers. The league finalists LSU and Georgia each won a double-digit profit. Alabama did the same. Kentucky sneaked through as a dog. It was not an absolute dominance because Auburn, Florida and the state of Mississippi all laid eggs. For the coming Monday, it should certainly be mentioned that the LSU has had light covers against Georgia and Alabama recently, which then impressed in bowl challenges.
  • Big 10 (3-2): A slightly better percentage than the SEC (upcoming LSU final). The Big 10 received negative press reviews last week because finalists Ohio State and Wisconsin were both late. But Iowa's 26-point cover against USC, Minnesota's downright surprise against Auburn (14-point cover), and Penn State & # 39; s management from Memphis have brought the league to the right of the 500 mark.
  • ACC (3-4): It's no secret that Clemson dominated a disappointing conference. This year's ACC Bowl experience has been adequately substantiated by Miami's ridiculous loss to Louisiana Tech and Boston College's no-show to Cincinnati. North Carolina, Louisville and Virginia helped save the face.
  • Pac 12 (2-3): Mostly bad news for big decisions. Texas has confirmed Utah as a pretender. USC and Washington State joined the Utes on the fix list. Maybe everyone will remember that Oregon gathered in the Rose Bowl against Wisconsin, which wasn't a qualifier for this study.
  • Big 12 (1-3): Dreadful. A humiliation rate of 75 percent. The two teams that played for the Big 12 championship (Oklahoma and Baylor) lost to the two teams that played for the SEC championship (Alabama and Georgia) with a combined lead of 89-42 … and missed the market with a combined 31 points.

Even though its dominance is declining overall, the reality of college football is still characterized by an SEC tendency.