A Complete List of Things to Remember While Choosing an Anti-Dandruff Shampoo


Many people experience a dry scalp during winters, leading to dry flakes. These dry flakes are due to a lack of natural oils and moisture in your scalp.

Oily scalp is a problem when too much oil and sebum is left on the scalp, causing dandruff. Regular washing is required in this case.

Well, the worst cases of scalp issues are caused by diets lacking in proper nutrients. Some of the really worrying scalp problems are seborrhea dermatitis and psoriasis. In severe cases, consulting a doctor is the best option instead of treating it yourself.

Causes of Dandruff

Stress is a major contributor to the winter on your scalp and shoulders, along with improper grooming routine and diet. You can solve the stress issues with essential oils and spa scents during baths.


A majority of the shampoos that promise to fight dandruff contain chemicals such as Zinc Pyrithion (ZPT), which is present in Head and Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo. A lot of shampoos, like the one by Neutrogena, also contain salicylic acid and other ingredients like Ketoconazole, tea tree oil, etc.

A natural remedy consisting of Apple Cider Vinegar can also surprisingly ease your dandruff occurrence. Elle magazine lists Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo as the number one anti-dandruff shampoo.

Essential oils help in removing dandruff too. Oils like tea tree oil, Roman chamomile, Brazilian rosewood, etc.  soothe the scalp and relax the mind.


Hair wash with a strong shampoo will only be needed once or twice a week, but a mild dandruff control shampoo wash could be used frequently. So, check the severity of your dandruff case and choose the shampoo accordingly, and apply it as often as required.


Unfortunately, not all good products are found everywhere easily, especially in daily supermarkets. Anti-dandruff shampoo is very a specific requirement for dandruff prone people. It is also required every month because dandruff occurs again and again. Considering these facts, you must find out medicated shampoos by consulting with a doctor first.

Other Chemicals

Apart from the important chemicals listed above, shampoos contain many other chemicals that might not suit your skin.

One such type is the fragrance component or preservatives. Many brands have come up with non-fragrant shampoos, and many come with a variety of fragrances.

Some harsh chemicals like binding agents (chemicals that keep all important ingredients in a shampoo glued together) in shampoos also cause hair follicles to die, resulting in hair fall. So, dandruff shampoos with unrelenting chemicals should be avoided if you want to use the dandruff shampoo routinely. Shampoos with natural ingredients are generally a better option.

Note: Shampoos with coal tar and salicylic acid should not be used very often as they give rise to dryness and hair fall. Please consult your dermatologist before using any strong shampoo!

What to Apply Before and After Shampooing

Washing your hair with normal shampoo is recommended before using strong dandruff shampoos, but for mild shampoos like Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo, the use can be direct and frequent.

Oil application must be done three hours before washing. A conditioner is advisable after using any dandruff shampoo, to retain the moisture and softness.