Why are social networks ruining your life? Katherine Ormerod | TEDxManchester


Social networks have changed the way we consume news, products and, most importantly, among us. However, they are also shaping our expectations of reality, undermining our esteem and fueling obsessive social comparison. So what can we do to become aware of the negative impacts of new media and start benefiting from the best that our interconnected world has to offer?

A fashion journalist who became influential traces her journey to the world of fantasy social networks and why she now wants to burst the bubble.

Whether young or old, single or father, many of us are concerned about the impact of social networks on our lives and communities. Katherine Ormerod is the author of Amazon's bestseller, Why social networks are ruining your life. ”Written in 2018, she addresses her experiences working on new media and the problematic implications of social networks. In her research, she talks to psychologists, plastic surgeons, global influencers and others to get a vision at the target level about the scope of the problem and what we could do about it. Katherine brings a great experience in reports with staff roles in Sunday Times Style, Grazia and Glamor, specializing in fashion and social media culture, he has also written for the FT, The Telegraph, Harper's Bazaar and The Mail on Sunday.

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