Why Caris LeVert's networks are over

<pre><pre>Why Caris LeVert's networks are over

ORLANDO, Fla. – One game after returning to the ground, the Caris LeVert from the networks suspended the defeat on Monday. But it was a planned precaution where the guard was expected back on Thursday against the thunder.

"It will be available [Tuesday]"Said trainer Kenny Atkinson." I just think he hasn't been there for a long time. It is understandable how to manage a player in the long term. Together we decided it's the best, but he'll play [against the Thunder], "

LeVert missed 24 games in a row due to a thumb operation before returning on Saturday. He was the first of three games in four days and had to leave the middle game. But if he encounters OKC, his minutes will not only increase, he may not be sent to the bank.

"Yes, we're going to nudge him a little bit. It's like we've always done it – a few minutes to set it up, and hopefully he'll be ready for a full-on in a short time," Atkinson said didn't rule out starting LeVert. "Didn't decide. We'll look at it in a few minutes. Talk to the coaches and see what we can do. "

The nets added a wing to Justin Anderson and made a 10-day deal. And with her numerous injuries, he could have a chance to stay here.

You could have signed him for a tenth day on Sunday, but waited until Monday. This maximized her window to see Anderson with six games before his deal ended on January 15th. You could also give him a second ten-day appointment.

If the Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot networks upgrade to a standard contract, Anderson could be given the chance to exist in both directions.

"He's a guy I always liked when I saw him play, especially in Philly. … Anyway, we need to get to know each other. Sure," Atkinson said. "Will he have an opportunity? Most likely. He'll be a chance They hate getting a man for 10 days and not seeing him. He definitely has to learn quickly and understand what the hell we're doing. "

It's a prospect that Anderson – a former UVA teammate of Joe Harris – would love.

"Yes, absolutely. If you hear so much about the organization and see what they're trying to do, you want to be able to stay here longer," Anderson said. "But I only have a 10 day situation. Then there is a second of 10 days to go and you can sign for the rest of the year, "But all of that is beyond my control."