Why Giants thinks 49ers Chiefs can beat Patrick Mahomes great


MIAMI – Justin Tuck is in town for Super Bowl week.

Not as a player. He was there and did it. Twice. Won both times. Could have been in both MVPs. Should the MVP have been in one of them.

Tuck, the former Giants 11-year defender who retired in 2015, has a lot to offer as a business school vice president of Goldman Sachs' private wealth division after graduating from Wharton University.

Tuck was one of the smart athletes when he started planting his NFL career while he was still in bloom.

On Friday afternoon, two days before the 49ers and Chiefs were playing at the Super Bowl LIV at Hard Rock Stadium, Tuck was put in his leather armchair on a small elevated stage on the 60th floor of a shiny new skyscraper in central Miami after his NFL afterlife what he did during his active career: excellent. He and former Knicks star Amar'e Stoudemire spoke at a Dow Jones event entitled "Playmakers" to a familiar audience and answered the moderated questions in a session entitled "The Next Big Play: From Sports to Business" ,

After the event, Tuck The Post announced that this Super Bowl had a déjà vu element because the two he and the Giants played against the patriots knew the matchup.

"There are similarities," said Tuck. “We caught Tom Brady at the height of his career. He has just set all of these records. Now you're talking [Chiefs quarterback Patrick] Mahomes, who appears to be leading the next wave of quarterbacks with multiple MVPs setting record highs. And this offense is as productive as any offense in the history of the league. So I definitely see a lot of similarities to our matchup with the patriots. "

Brady threw 50 touchdowns in 2007, 23 of them to Randy Moss before competing against Tucks Giants in the Super Bowl. Mahomes missed two games because of an injury, throwing 26 touchdowns and only five interceptions. As with Brady's patriots, few believe Mahomes' offense in Kansas City can be stopped.

Tuck seems to be different.

"The 49ers have a somewhat comparable D-line," he said over the fronts of his Giants. "In almost every game they played this year, they definitely took control of the scrimmage line." I think it will depend on these two heads of the team. If this 49er D line does what it did all year round, it will make it very difficult for Mahomes. It will put a lot of pressure on him to lead this team. … That's how we did it with Tom. We took the running game away and hit it. If the 49ers are able to beat Mahomes, it can definitely fluctuate in favor of the 49ers.

Tuck had two sacks and a forced fumble in the Giants' Super Bowl win against the Patriots in 2008, which is known to end the undefeated season. He had won two more bags in the 2012 Giants Super Bowl against New England.

The strategy in both games was the same: Get to Brady. The same goes for the 49ers' strategy: Get to Mahomes.

Justin Tuck
Justin TuckGetty Images for SiriusXM

"Take your head off the line," said Tuck. "That was our focus."

Defensive end Arik Armstead led the 49er with 10 sacks this season. Rookie Defensive End Nick Bosa, the group's young stallion, had nine. Defensive End DeForest Buckner had 7½ sacks and Dee Ford, the former defensive end boss, who was perhaps the most explosive of all, had 6½ in 11 games.

The 49er front, like the Giants front at that time, is coming towards you in waves.

"I like her very much," said Tuck. "They don't necessarily have the familiar names we had, but they do have a lot of talent – young talents. They have more than four people. They have solid seven or eight guys to throw on the Chief's O-line. I definitely think matchup favors [the 49ers] enormous in this game. ""

But the chiefs are the favorites. Why? Because people go more on the offensive than the defense. And the majority believe that nobody can stop Mahomes.

Tuck recognizes the mood in front of the Super Bowl because he felt it was an outsider.

"I think we could easily play with it," Tuck recalls. "We thought," Hey, listen, nobody expected us to be in this game. Let’s go out and have fun and don’t worry about what other people think. "Because we already knew what they were thinking. They thought the game was over as soon as the patriots entered the field." "

The answer was obvious, but we asked Tuck the question anyway.

"You think a good defense beats a good offensive?"

Before the question was answered, Tuck replied: "Yes."

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