"Why is Bihar …?" Prashant Kishor's difficult questions for Nitish Kumar

<pre><pre>"Why is Bihar ...?" Prashant Kishor's difficult questions for Nitish Kumar

Prashant Kishore talks to reporters about expulsion from Nitish Kumar's JDU


  • Prashant Kishor asks questions to former political mentor Nitish Kumar
  • Mr. Kishor was expelled from Janata Dal United last month
  • Mr. Kishor also started a "Baat Bihar Ki" program


Prashant Kishor, a politician who has become a politician, turned his attention to politics in Bihar today and asked the former political mentor Nitish Kumar, who expelled him from the Janata Dal United last month after a bitter war of words, a series of uncomfortable questions.

He also launched a "Baat Bihar Ki" program to reach thousands of the state's younger voters.

Against the backdrop of the Bihar election earlier this year, Prashant Kishor questioned Nitish Kumar's ideological compromise of remaining in alliance with the BJP, and also dismantled the Chief Minister's claims about developments in Bihar and launched a scorching attack the performance of the state government.

"There has been a lot of discussion between me and Nitish ji about the party's ideology. Nitish ji has always told us that the party can never abandon Gandhi ji's ideals … But now the party is with those who murdered Gandhi Nathuram Godse love … For me, Gandhi ji and Godse cannot go hand in hand, "said Mr. Kishor.

He also asked Nitish Kumar and his government to provide him with data that he claimed to have made very little progress in Bihar between 2005 and 2015.

"While Bihar has made progress, we have to look at things from the perspective that Bihar is still missing compared to other countries … Why is that? It is where it was in 2005. Except for Jharkhand Bihar still lagging behind I keep repeating that Bihar was lagging behind in 2005 and still lagging behind other countries, "said Kishor.

When expelled, he said, "Nitish Kumar saw me as a son and I always saw him as a father. It is Nitish Kumar's privilege to join the party or to exclude myself, I will always respect him."