"Will Not Be Tolerated": Arvind Kejriwal on sexual assault on Delhi College campus

Arvind Kejriwal on sexual assault on the Delhi College campus

Arvind Kejriwal on sexual assault on the Delhi College campus

Over 100 Gargi College students protested outside the college today

New Delhi:

Three days after an angry crowd of about 35 men, some of whom were reportedly drunk, ran to the Gargi College campus in Delhi – a facility that only housed girls – and students were sexually abused, Prime Minister Arvind said Kejriwal this afternoon, his government "will not tolerate bad behavior with our daughters" and demand the "hardest" punishment for the perpetrators.

"Misconduct with our daughters at Gargi College is very sad and disappointing. This type of behavior is not tolerated. Guilty people should be punished as hard as possible and we have to make sure that children studying at our colleges feel safe," the Prime Minister continued to write Twitter.

Mr Kejriwal, whose AAP is expected to return to power in Delhi after the general election on Saturday, had made women's security one of his campaign promises.

Meanwhile, the Delhi police have taken note of the sexual assault as soon as possible and have opened an investigation into the incident when the students celebrated a cultural festival on February 6th.

A senior police officer – Geetanjali Khandelwal, additional deputy police commissioner – will lead the investigation, Atul Thakur, deputy police commissioner (South Delhi), told ANI. The police will use footage from surveillance cameras in the area and eyewitness reports to help determine the facts.

The National Commission for Women (NCW) has also sent a team to investigate the incident.

"I read on social media that girls were abused and no action was taken by the administration. I sent a team. They wanted to talk to the headmaster and also to the police. I can only react after talking to them have. "Rekha Sharma, the NCW chairman, said.

Over 100 students angry at the "total loss of security" at one of the city's most respected institutions have protested this morning on the college campus. In conversation with NDTV, one of the students described her terrible experience.

"My friends and I were in a group … another friend took our picture when a group of three men came and threw money at her and walked away laughing and cheering. When I wanted to report it to the Proctor, I really couldn't … there was no signal on our phones. Something happened to us and we felt so powerless, "she said.

Another student told NDTV that the security question – students needed ID or passports to enter campus – was "completely destroyed" and that the gates had been damaged because big mobs had found their way into the college campus.


An angry crowd of about 35 men, some of whom were drunk, stormed the Gargi College campus last week

According to eyewitness reports and social media posts by students and staff, around 6:30 p.m. on February 6, gangs of stubborn, drunk men invaded and attacked and persecuted women across the campus.

"The administration did nothing to control this. The RAF (Rapid Action Force) staff were right across the campus. They did absolutely nothing. We have pictures," another student told NDTV on condition of anonymity.

"The crowd was so big that we couldn't move out. I was touched three times and had to stay for 40 minutes. When I went into an empty room … a man started to masturbate on me. As soon as I got out of this place , a freshman came to me and said a group of 5-6 men would corner her, "she added.

According to the IANS news agency, the men were part of a civil rights rally.

The shocking incident that took place two days before the Delhi vote in a highly competitive general election was also criticized by the opposition.

Congress chairman Shivani Chopra, who contested Saturday's poll from the Kalkaji constituency, met with Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP and the BJP.

"They don't allow me to enter campus. It's a shameful incident. The Prime Minister of Delhi should come out and be in solidarity with the students. In fact, Interior Minister Amit Shah should come out and take note of the laws and order." Situation, "said Ms. Chopra.

In response to today's parliamentary incident, Union HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal said the alleged sexual assault on Gargi College students was "not correct" and said the college administration had been asked to investigate the matter.

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