Will the next iPhone be charged wirelessly?

Happy 10th birthday, iPhone

Happy 10th birthday, iPhone

You may never have to reconnect your iPhone.

Apple has joined an industry group that deals with wireless charging and is rumored to be charging the next iPhone without a cable. The Wireless Power Consortium, made up of around 200 organizations promoting a single wireless charging standard, has confirmed to CNNTech that Apple joined the group last week.

IPhone rumors buzz months before a new version is announced, and the hype surrounding the so-called "iPhone 8" is particularly great: Apple (AAPL) On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the smartphone, it is expected that a comprehensive redesign of the smartphone will be published in autumn this year.

The company has already shown interest in removing cumbersome cables. The Apple Watch will charge wirelessly, provided consumers spend $ 79 on a magnetic charger. The latest MacBook is now equipped with only one USB port.

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Apple would also create another source of income for the iPhone by selling a wireless charging station separately. The function would simplify charging for smartphone owners. Instead of connecting a phone, a user would only have to place it on the charging station.

Apple said in a statement on Monday that it would join the Wireless Power Consortium to contribute its ideas in developing standards for wireless charging.

As for the speculated possible functions of the next iPhone, there are also rumors that a borderless display, a glass body and the removal of the home button play the main role.

CNNMoney (Washington) First published on February 13, 2017: 2:42 p.m. ET