Wilson Ramos & # 39; Mets plan to avoid another Syndergaard debacle


PORT ST. LUCIE – Wilson Ramos will try to hit a new low to become a catcher for all Mets pitchers.

After not working with Noah Syndergaard last season – to the point where the right-hander was researching other options – Ramos said he didn't expect such turmoil in 2020.

"It's more about communication because I already know how he likes to throw, how he throws," said Ramos on Monday in Clover Park on the deadline for jugs and catchers. "He likes a good goal, so I'll work more with my low goal to make him happier and more comfortable on the hill."

To achieve a lower goal, Ramos said that he started with one knee on the ground towards the end of last season. He will continue this approach and try to improve chemistry with the staff.

In 16 starts with Ramos behind the plate last season, Syndergaard raised a 5.20 ERA. With Tomas Nido as the catcher for 12 starts, Syndergaard raised a 2.88 ERA. The Mets also used Rene Rivera as a veteran to catch Syndergaard twice, and in those launches Syndergaard achieved an ERA of 2.84.

"It was difficult for me to get these [low] a little bit because I'm a big guy, ”said Ramos, quoted at 6-foot-1, 245 pounds. “I have never worked with my knee on the floor in the past, so I worked more with my knee on the floor this year and late last year, and that helped me keep those gaps very well. This spring I would like to work more with my knee on the floor, it will help me achieve this low goal for my boys and I hope they feel better with it.

Noah Syndergaard (l) and Wilson Ramos Mets spring training preview 2020
Noah Syndergaard (l) and Wilson RamosAnthony J. Causi

"Especially if you play every day [during the season,] You don't have much time to practice this – you have to go straight to the game and do what you should do. But in spring it's easier because you have time to practice, come back here and talk and work in the cage. It is easier than during the season. "

The catch situation of the Mets remained unchanged this off-season, so that the 32-year-old Ramos remained as the main recipient. Nido (6-0, 210) and Rivera (5-10, 215) are returning as backup options, but most likely it is Ramos who has made the most starts.

Ramos, who signed a $ 19 million two-year deal, appeared in 141 games last season and brought in a solid racket. In total, he beat .288 / .351 / .416 with 14 Homers and 73 RBIs.

Rick Porcello and Michael Wacha are newcomers with whom Ramos tries to interact. On Monday, Ramos Porcello caught for the first time and said he hoped to stand behind the plate every time the exhibition season started. He would also like to see all Wacha starts.

"It will take some time, but if we start early in the spring, it won't be long," said Ramos. "If they put me behind the plate every time they hit the spring, it will be easier for me.

“I have a few new people to work with and I am 100 percent open to helping these people and learning more about them every day. Porcello showed me today that he wanted to compete. We will have a lot of time to get to know each other. "