Win with Youtube | All about Adsense in Sinhala


Are you a youtuber? vlogger? blogger? If so, you can know about adsense. Adsense with google technology. And it is based on ads. We have already published some videos related to adsense and related to youtube adsense.

You can easily access all videos from the following link.
Adsense ගැන අපි මෙතෙක් සකස් කල සියලුම විඩියෝ මෙතනින්

But, most of you still have problems with adsense. Especially most of you ask me daily about adsense. So in this video we will discuss the most frequently asked questions about adsense especially to configure when you are in Sri Lanka.

Video themes
– How to enable adsense in Sri Lanka
– Why can't I enable monetization?
– Why can't I monetize my videos
– How to withdraw money from Adsense to Sri Lanka
– How we get paid
– What is the AdSense verification letter?

Let's discuss more in the comments section. Also be sure to share this video with your friends. Also SUBSCRIBE to our youtube channel to get the latest video updates as fast as we publish. thanks for watching . Stay tuned .

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