"With due respect, sir …" Questions from colleague P Chidambaram Tweet On AAP

<pre><pre>"With due respect, sir ..." Questions from colleague P Chidambaram Tweet On AAP

P. Chidambaram was not the only congress chairman to comfort the BJP's defeat.


  • AAP's great success in Delhi has opened a rift within Congress
  • P Chidambaram from Congress posted a tweet "saluting" the people of Delhi
  • He was called by party spokesman Sharmistha Mukherjee

New Delhi:

The great victory of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the Delhi elections has opened a rift within Congress that has come under pressure in the capital for the second time in a row. Congress chairman P. Chidambaram, who posted a tweet "welcoming" people in Delhi for the BJP's defeat, was called by his own party spokesman, Sharmistha Mukherjee.

Arvind Kejriwal's AAP won 62 out of 70 seats in Delhi and the BJP was limited to eight. The congress that ruled Delhi for 15 years until 2013 won nothing. Congressional candidates lost their deposits in 63 seats, including those in which Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi spoke at rallies in the final days of the campaign. (Candidates lose their deposit if they do not receive at least one sixth of the total votes).

"AAP won, bluff and bluster lost. The people of Delhi, who come from all parts of India, have defeated the polarizing, divisive and dangerous agenda of the BJP Hold elections in 2021 and 2022, "Chidambaram tweeted.

He was not the only congress chairman who comforted the BJP's defeat.

National congress spokeswoman Sharmistha Mukherjee, who criticized her own party in a series of tweets, reacted sharply to Mr. Chidambaram's post.

"With due respect, sir, do you just want to know if (Congress) outsourced the task of defeating the BJP to government parties? If not, why are we happy about the AAP victory instead of worrying about our drubbing And if & # 39; yes & # 39; then we (state congress departments) might as well close the shop! "she tweeted.

She had much more to say and was unfiltered when she resigned her party leadership.

"We're being decimated again in Delhi. Enough self-observation, now time to act. Excessive delays in decision-making at the top, lack of strategy and unity at the state level, demotivated workers, no grassroots link – all are factors. Being part of it. " I also take part of the responsibility for the system, "Ms. Mukherjee tweeted.

"BJP plays divisive politics, Kejriwal plays & # 39; smart politics & # 39; and what do we do? Can we honestly say that we have done everything we can to put our house in order? We are busy conquering Congress while other parties are conquering India. If we are. " to survive, time to get out of sublime echo chambers! "

Several other congress leaders such as Khushbu Sundar and Sanjay Jha also spoke of "action" rather than introspection.

Ms. Mukherjee's father Pranab Mukherjee, former President of India, and Mr. Chidambaram have been ministerial colleagues in several congressional governments for years.

The head of the congressional women's wing, Ms. Mukherjee, was also defeated in the 2015 Delhi elections.

In this election in Delhi, the vote share of the congress is the lowest in an assembly poll at 4.26% and has dropped sharply from 22.5% in the national elections last year.

In 2013, the congress was reduced to eight seats, and in 2015 it gained zero as Infighting deepened.

This time, top party leaders spoke about the missing triple prime minister Sheila Dikshit, the party's most prominent face in Delhi, who died last year.

Even when Sheila Dikshit led Congress in Delhi, one section tried to get her out of hand and the feud infiltrated the party's election results.