Witness: Delonte West triggered a surreal video with a glass bottle attack


A witness told the former police NBA star that Delonte West threw another glass with a glass bottle to trigger a surreal scene on Monday, in which many in the basketball community asked that the former point guard get help.

A viral video shot by a police officer shows 36-year-old West shirtless and handcuffed on a sidewalk in Maryland. Another video shows West how he appears to have been beaten up in the middle of a street.

Police said they answered an early morning call for a fight near the MGM National Harbor Casino, which is located directly across from Washington in Prince George & # 39; s County, Md., Decision to handcuff West.

Police said West and the other man knew each other and argued early in the morning. Both refused to bring charges or to seek medical treatment.

TMZ reported on Tuesday that the West started the fight by throwing a bottle several times. In another video, West said someone was approaching him with a gun, which has not been confirmed.

The police officer who shot the viral video was suspended after it was released on social media.

Delonte West in 2009
Delonte West in 2009Anthony J. Causi / New York Post

West, a former first-round winner in the NBA draft who scored $ 16 million at the Celtics, SuperSonics, Cavaliers, and Mavericks, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2008.

Most recently, he played in the NBA in 2012 and his professional career ended in 2015 after two positions at the Chinese Basketball Association.

The Monday incident triggered the latest alarm when Jameer Nelson, West & # 39; s college teammate at Saint Joseph & # 39; s, and former St. Joseph & # 39; s coach Phil Martelli were among those who changed West asked for medical help.

"I'm sick today [sic] I have the videos of Delonte in my stomach right now, ”Nelson wrote. "To answer everyone who turns to me about his situation, we can only pray for him and his family and hope that he is looking for the right help. Mental illnesses are something that many people deal with and which they do not even know until sometimes it's too late. I'm not sure what's going on with Dwest, but he knows I'm in his corner and will help him with that.

Concerns about Western well-being are well documented. In 2016, he is said to have strolled around a Jack In The Box parking lot in Houston, looking disheveled.

When someone asked if he was Delonte West, he allegedly replied: "I used to be, but I am no longer concerned with this life."

Two years later, West was photographed wearing Ragtag clothing and a cardboard sign.

West said in a statement that he was only helping "a homeless man in my neighborhood who is paralyzed from the neck down".

West married in 2013 and has two sons, but it is unclear whether he is still in that relationship.

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