Woman plays the violin during brain surgery

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February 20, 2020 A woman from the United Kingdom played the violin during her brain tumor surgery.

Dagmar Turner, 53, is a violinist with the Isle of Wight Symphony Orchestra and several choral societies. Before his surgery, the doctors at King's College Hospital in London mapped his brain to identify areas that are active when he plays the violin and those that control language and movement, the Associated Press reported.

Halfway through the surgery, Turner woke up and asked him to play the violin to "make sure the surgeons didn't damage the crucial areas of the brain that controlled the delicate movements of Dagmar's hands," according to the hospital.

"We knew how important the violin was for Dagmar, so it was vital that we preserve function in the delicate areas of his brain that allowed him to play," said Professor Keyoumars Ashkan, a Turner neurosurgeon. AP reported.

"We managed to eliminate more than 90% of the tumor, including all areas suspected of aggressive activity, while retaining full function in his left hand," said Ashkan.

Turner left the hospital three days after his surgery and hopes to return quickly to his orchestra, the AP reported.

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