Worldwide coronavirus COVID-19 positive cases exceed 20 lakh, over 1.30,500 deaths


The outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 on Wednesday (April 15, 2020) infected over 20 lakhs in 193 countries and territories.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the total number of coronavirus positive cases increased to 20:16,020 on Wednesday at 10:45 p.m. IST. The deadly virus has killed more than 1,30528 people worldwide since its outbreak.

The United States was the most affected country, reporting more than 6,13,187 confirmed cases. On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump had instructed his government to temporarily suspend funding from the World Health Organization (WHO) to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. President Trump said WHO had failed to meet its basic duty and should be held accountable. He added that it encourages China’s disinformation about the coronavirus, which has likely led to a wider disease outbreak.

Spain remained in second place with around 1.77,633 COVID-19 positive cases.

Italy in third place reported over 2,667 new confirmed cases in one day. The total number of confirmed cases in the country rose to 1.65.155. The number of positive cases was the lowest since March 13, but the daily number of deaths remained high.

Germany is the fourth worst affected nation in the world with around 1,33,154 positive cases. Germany is also considering extending its restrictions to May 3 to combat the global pandemic.

France in fifth place had over 1.31,365 COVID-19 confirmed cases.

The United Kingdom has witnessed nearly 1 lakh confirmed cases until Wednesday evening. The number of people who came into contact with the coronavirus rose to 99,455. UK health minister Matt Hancock said the government will introduce new procedures to limit the risk of infection and allow people to say goodbye to loved ones wherever possible.

China, which is said to be the country where the deadly virus originated, has registered over 83,356 COVID-19 cases.

Iran with 76,389 cases, Turkey with 65,111 cases, Belgium with 33,573 infections and the Netherlands with 28,314 confirmed cases are the other worst affected countries in the world.

On the list of the places with the most deaths Due to the world’s corona virus, the United States remained the most affected country with over 26,950 people affected.

The number of deaths due to the COVID-19 epidemic in Italy rose on Wednesday by 578 compared to 602 the previous day. It has ranged between 525 and 636 for 11 days. The total death toll since the February 21 outbreak rose to 21,645.

Spain in third place had over 18,579 deaths in the country. France remained the fourth most affected country, where around 15,729 people have died as a result of the virus.

Britain reported nearly 13,000 deaths on Wednesday. The death toll in the UK rose to 12,868, a daily increase of 761 as the government announced new plans to change its guidelines so that close relatives can say goodbye to their sick relatives in nursing homes across the country.

New York City (USA) with 7,905 deaths, Iran with 4,777 deaths, Belgium with 4,440 and Germany with 3,592 deaths are the other most affected places around the world.