Would you rock a mullet? Most ridiculed haircut ever makes a comeback


At a rock concert in Brooklyn earlier this month, Henson Popa couldn't stop looking at the singer's unusual haircut.

"I had a mullet," Popa told The Post about the retro of the musician Star Grace. "And I thought, & # 39; my God, that looks very, very good on her & # 39; I wanted it too."

The next day, the NYU student rushed to the Williamsburg Hair Metal Salon and insisted on the same style.

"I had to go for it," says Popa, 20.

It's official: business in the front, the party in the back is, well, back. The highly defamed mullet, once favored by characters such as David Spade's "Joe Dirt" character, 80's hockey players and country singers, is now in vogue among celebrities, musicians and fashion models.

Even more surprising, this time it is mainly women, not men, who throw themselves into life with mullet.

Henson Stern
Henson Stern in his new mullet hairstyleKatie Grossman

Pop singers Miley Cyrus and Kesha recently opted for the short do-short-on-top and long-in-back style, and stylists say New Yorkers are too.

"The mullets are the perfect androgynous cut," says Katie Grossman, who cut the red strands of Popa. “Not only are they low maintenance, but they are excellent for all hair textures. The backward glance was definitely due to a rebirth. "

New York City stylist Vincent Minchelli first noticed the upward trend in 2018, but so far this year appointments are accumulating faster than ever.

"Now I'm making five to eight mullets a week, mostly women," says Minchelli, who cuts the locks in Soho's Spoke and Weal salon. "Compared to only a few here and there a few years ago."

Last July, Bushwick's production assistant, Mare Scangarella, decided that she was fed up with her old and long bleached strands, which had been growing for years after a haircut.

“I was really pissed off, and I was like,‘ You know what? I'm bored. I want something new and fun, "says Scangarella, 26." I saw a big mullet on Instagram and I did it. "

Working in the arts, Scangarella was not nervous about the wild style that affected her work, but she hesitated a little to tell her parents.

"At first, I didn't tell my parents because I thought they would make me have a hard time," he recalls. "But they ended up saying it was very nice and said:" Everything old is new again. "

Others say: "It seems that you are in a band," he adds.

Minchelli says that despite the rough reputation of the mullet, "you can make a modern version that is beautiful, sexy and elegant."

The trick is to adapt each cut to the client's personal style.

“You can make it really straight and elegant or make it big and curly. It's versatile, "says Minchelli, noting that the uncomplicated cut" will look good even if he just got out of bed. "

Mare Scangarella cut her hair at Hair Metal in Williamsburg
Mare Scangarella cut her hair in a mullet at Hair Metal in Williamsburg

"People get sick and get tired of using the iron and the curling iron for balloons [long bobs] and other styles They want something easy, ”he adds.

Women are also falling in love with another retro style that is closely related to mullet: a style inspired by the 70s called fluff that comes with many layers. The main difference, according to the stylists, is that a mullet is a disconnected haircut that usually shows the ears with a short crown on the top. The fluff, however, is more mixed.

"The fluff is a little more romantic: you can leave the longer layers and then keep the area of ​​the fringe and the frame of the face for longer," says Javan Stone, who cut off the Kesha mullet at Spoke's outpost and Weal in Los Angeles. "The mullet takes it a little further and is more dramatic."

Most stylists say they end up with a hybrid of mullet and lint cuts, depending on each client.

Stone says that Kesha was the "perfect candidate for the modern mullet" because of its "wild, fresh and energetic atmosphere." He was also looking to change his appearance just in time for the release of his new album, "High Road," which was released on January 31.

For those looking to lose their appearance, Minchelli says that a pixie cut, short on the sides and longer on the top, is the way to go.

"Start by cutting the bottom and let the top grow," he says. "Then I'llt will become a jolt, and begin to balance the top and bottom. "

But Popa says that he essentially has two haircuts while making the cut stand out: "It's the best of both worlds."

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