Wow! Slime invisível sem cola ou borax | Experiences with slime


O Slime Sam Sapeca and his friend Sue is testing interesting recipes of slime that do not require queue or borax. Sue expects everyone to work, or Sam is less otimistic. Veja you are tempting 4 incomun recipes:

0:42 Slime with transparent shampoo and salt

2:05 Slime com sabão de mão e sal

3:52 Slime with transparent shampoo, water and creme de tartar

6:31 Slime with mouthwash, cleaning gel and salt

All recommendations that are followed as exact proportions and tempo for assentarem. But they can be feitas from two itens that you are afraid of at home.

Você is curious about what receitas vão to work on, no deixe to assist or video inteiro! Experience with slime and fun! OF UM as agreed!

All music is licensed under STANDARD MUSIC LICENSE:

Title: Cuckoo