WWE security bug actor for show crashers in wild attack

<pre><pre>WWE security bug actor for show crashers in wild attack

WWE security left the fans amazed after attacking a "fan" entering the ring … without realizing that it was part of the action.

The man in the normal suit stormed into the middle and rolled under the ropes while AJ Styles celebrated his victory on “Monday Night Raw”.

However, the two guards clearly did not notice when they immediately entered and wrestled him to the ground.

It turned out that the mysterious man was actually the American actor Rick Malone, who, as a pastor, tried to end the wedding between Bobby Lashley and Lana that had been interrupted a week ago.

Liv Morgan, a former member of the Riott team, was amazed when she sensationally returned in a bizarre twist.

Despite the brief misunderstanding, the Reverend dusted off and was unharmed before returning to do its duty.

However, the fans could hardly believe what had happened.

One said, "Dude was totally followed by security guards who apparently thought he was an overzealous fan."

Another wrote: “It was so awkward to look at. Lmaoo. They just cut to black and ignored it. I think they would use it to move on to the next segment, but the security was unknown. "

A third wrote: “LOLOL. We thought he was a fan too. "

Meanwhile, a fan added, "I'm live here and no one knew what was going to happen. Someone from the crew ran up and handed them a Bible, and then security went down."

And an end user paid tribute to the guards: "Give the security team a raise. To the point."